The Day Before Doom

5:40 PM

I think the Singapore Government is really smart. The Great Singapore Sale is about to end real soon and everyone must've had a good haul. What with all the 50% off on things and all sorts of discounts. And so, to make up for all that sales, they decided to increase the freakin' GST and make everything expensive all over again. Just today, I decided to stock up on my stationary and school thingers. So, I went to Popular after my tuition this morning (Gosh, that was depressing) and it was TOTALLY packed to the max. Apparently, everyone had the same idea as me. What I had in my shopping list was 2 pens, foolscap paper, staple bullets and highlighter. That's it. So I thought $6 would be enough. Boy, was I wrong! Without the foolscap paper, it was already $5.50! I was so shocked, lah! But no matter, I suppose I could buy the other stuff tomorrow or something. On the bright side, I managed to get this SUPER cool highlighter. It has all these swirly-whirly designs on it.

My first agenda before the start of Term 3 is to... Noooo, not do my homework. Of course, I'm doing THAT (or at least, attempt to)! But not exactly my first priority. My first agenda is to find myself a hobby. Yes, a hobby! Don't laugh, lah! I know it's kindda pathetic since most of y'all have already figured out your passion and what you like to do in your free time. Something fun to get your mind of things. Yes, all you people probably have that figured out. Well, good for you! I, on the other hand, am always stuck with all this weird moments in my life in which I want to do SOMETHING that's gonna be fun and y'know... help me become a better person. OR something like that. Some people go play soccer and get all fit and agile. Others draw and make things. And I know lots of people who make their own songs. I think that so cool. Too bad I'm not good at that sort of thing. So, if you guys have any ideas on what my hobby should be, just leave a tag about it. Thanks! =) If not, I'll just stick to watching TV all day, everyday.

The June holidays are just about to end. I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday. I know I have! I probably would pay for it later, 'cos I had more fun than study. But what the heck! It's the holidays and I wouldn't take back a single second of it. I didn't manage to go to the beach as I had hoped to. Still, it's okay! I got to go to so many other wonderful places which I have never been before. I thought that the June hols would be a time for me to re-invent myself. I thought I could get my hair rebonded and get myself some contacts and new clothes... But nevermind, then. I can do that next time. I'll save up some money and do something for myself. I haven't bought something for myself for a long time. Food is NOT counted! THAT'S a neccesity! Belgian Chocolate Latte included! =P

Actually, I don't have anything to blog about. Good luck to everyone! Term 3 has begun...

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