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First and foremost, I have to announce to every single person in the world that...

TRANSFORMERS ROCK HARDCORE!!! Everyone please, please go watch the most awesomest action movie this year. Seriously, I am not even close to joking. I actually wasn't THAT excited to watch it. Diyanah was the one who wanted to watch it real bad. I was just curious. But then, I thought to myself, this movie is most probably a must-wtach. there is nothing more amazing and cool than Transformers. Just the concept in itself... They are ROBOTS in DISGUISE!!! How can you get ANYMORE cooler than that?!! Nothing beats ROBOTS in disguise! Not aliens, not tuba-players, not bugs, not ghosts, not Hugh Grant. But ROBOTS in diguise! Wooh! I started thinking about it and pumping myself up before the movie yesterday. Just think, the computer that you are using now can be a TRANSFORMER!! How fantastically cool, is that?

And so, Diyanah and I decided to watch the movie after school since school ended early. We were inviting tons of people to come but in the end, everyone said that they couldn't make it (surprise, surprise) and we just watched with ourselves. Which is no big deal. 'Cos cool people stick with other COOL people! Hahaha! =P Right, so we watched it at the new Cathay cinema at the Red Mall (aka AMK hub). The theater was pretty big. And the seats were HUGE! I could put both my legs up and still have space to move around and things. We bought the tickets and rushed for the earliest show. From the moment the movie started up till the end, the movie had me at the edge of my seat. The sound effects were KILLER! Especially when the alien robots transform. The Decepticons are SUPER evil and super terrifying. And the Autobots are the funniest alien robots I've ever seen. They're really funny! One of them went, "These 'parents' are very annoying. Can I please take them out?" and he started pulling out his cannons and stuff. It was hilarious. But the best part about the whole movie is the cool plot and the most spectacular visual effects I have ever laid eyes on. The action sequences were heart-stopping and I even screamed a few times. It was SO thrilling, lah! Makes the whole cinema experience so WHOA! And at the end of the whole thing, you'll want to have a tranformer of your own 'cos you'll be convinced (just like me, and I'm not even a sci-fi geek) that it is the most coolest thing in the UNIVERSE! Seriously, if you guys don't watch this movie, you guys will regret it for the rest of your life!

Okay, after that was Speech Day. Which really, is not worth talking about. 'Cos althought it was the first time I watched it. I realize that it wasn't much of a grand thing. The buffet after it was really nice though. The food was good. However, the HIGHLIGHT of my Speech Day was not receiving my prize on stage. Although it's the only time I went up on-stage to receive a prize in my whole four years in Anderson. As pathetic as that sounds. And yes, it even beats THAT! Let me just SHOW you what I mean...

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Hahaha! Don't be jealous, girls! =P FINALLY!! After four years, after I thought I would never get the chance to take a picture with him since he left Anderson, I finally scavenged enough guts to ask him to take a picture with me. YAYYY!!! =)

Okay, I think you guys had enough of that. Let me continue about what happened yesterday. I have another announcement to make:

To everyone, I just need to inform you that you guys won't be able to contact me though my handphone (aka Ashleigh) from today until Tuesday. You see, Ashleigh totally went hay-wire on me and now, I can receive calls and the phone functions are all okay, except the screen is completely blank. I had to text message blindly yesterday and it was not good. I had to do everything by memory. Including call people. Thank goodness I tend to memorise people's numbers. So, I had not much of a problem with the calling part. So, anyways, I brought her to the clinic today. I almost DIED waiting for my turn to come. My number was 'S131' and the number which was showing on the screen was 'S101'. I had to wait for THIRTY customers to go first!! I was DYING!! I walked around, went to buy Old Chang Kee and something to drink while waiting. I sat there for more than an hour until it was finally my turn. And now, Ashleigh is staying over at the hospital. SO, you guys won't be able to contact me until Tuesday when I get her back (Monday night). If you guys need me or anything, do give my home phone a ring. I'll be glad to talk! =) Thanks!

Besides that, Diyanah, Keetha and the rest found this really cool store which sells a whole lot of cool t-shirts and things. Diyanah brought me to the place yesterday and I fell in love with so many of them! I wanted to buy one so bad. Plus it was on sale! And the Great Singapore Sale ends TODAY! So, I should buy it, right? And me, being the impulsive shopper that I am, today I went all the way to The Red Mall and bought myself a shirt. Actually, I fell in love with TWO shirts in particular. I wanted to buy both but I forgot that I spent money yesterday on a pair of silver studs. So, I could only buy one =( I'm gonna buy the other one real soon. YEs, I realize that I'm being a total shopaholic this week. What with the movie and all! But I really feel that I have no choice but to buy myself these things. 'Cos WHO will buy them for me anymore? My brithday is over. And my parents aren't gonna give me anymore than my allowance. I suppose starving myself for a day or two is a small price to pay for my happiness. I have deprived myself of PERSONAL shopping for ages! Now that there are very little birthday babies this month, I should grab the oppurtunity and buy all the stuff that I've put off and been meaning to buy all this while. Although... That shirt wasn't on the list. And I just knew about that shop yesterday... BUT technically, it's on my 'to-buy' list 'cos I have always wanted to buy a cool graphic tee. And now I've found the perfect shop! Ah-HA!! The shopaholic is BACK! =) Watch out, WORLD!!

Anyway before I go, I want to share this really hilarious story of what happened today. Me, being the klutzy person that I am. I had tried on the shirts from that shop before I bought it, and so, since I was in a hurry to get to the Nokia shop in time before my mum gets mad, I rushed the fitting and hurriedly put back on the shirt I was wearing. And so, I bought the shirt and rushed out. Walking with style, all happy with my new purchase. And as I reached the mrt station, I realized that many people were looking at me. I was like, whoa! I must be looking good! And so, I coolly leaned on the pillar as I waited for the train to come. And as I cast my eye down, I realized to my horror WHY everyone was staring... In my hurry, I wore my shirt inside-out!!! Hahahahaha! I couldn't BELIEVE this was happening to me, lah! And I was already on the platform so I couldn't go down to the toilet to flip my shirt. I immediately grabbed my sling bag and hugged it close, so that no one can see my shirt. Sort of, lah! I was laughing to myself. And people stared MORE! I was like, "Crap! I need to keep it on the down-low" So, I just leaned all the way to woodlands, in the train and act emo. Which is the best way to not be noticed. SO embarassing, lah!! Why didn't that shop woman not TELL me about my inside-out shirt?! I bet she sabo me. That woman, ah!! I tell you, these kind of things only happen to me!

Oh, also, I remembered this really funny dialouge between me, my cousin and her friend. We were at some wedding reception and my cousin wanted to talk to this guy she's been eyeing. But she's kindda shy.

Me: What is wrong with you, lah?! GO over there and talk. Introduce yourself!
Friend: Yah, lah!
Cousin: I know... But...
Me: But what? Girl, there is a reason why 'single' rhymes with 'mingle'!
Friend: Yah, so just jingle your butt over there and talk to him!
Cousin: Hahahaha!

And she did. Wooooh! All everyone needs is encouragement. Like when you go out shopping today, or see something nice that you really wanna have... Here's my encouragement, GO BUY IT!! You deserve it! =)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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