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5:48 PM
Saturday, July 07, 2007
This week hasn't been a very good one. Although many would disagree with me, 'cos the Aussies from Marryatvile came to Anderson Secondary for the week. I haven't done much this week so there isn't really anything for me to blog about. Except for how much I've missed the Playmakers gathering together to share stories and joke around. We did that on Thursday afternoon over lunch and Mastura was there. We all sat down, including Khairi and Soma. We laughed our asses off. It was great! I realized that I missed that so much. And ATC sessions are the things that gathered us every week to crap and have fun. Now that that's gone, it's as if everyone's too busy to laugh anymore. Especially me. I haven't had a good laugh since that Thursday. Usually it'll just be Diyanah and me laughing at our own lame jokes (which are way cool, by the way). I missd being a part of a big group.

Anyway, I found something really hurtful this week. Let me tell you being backstabbed isn't fun. What's worse is when you're being ignored by everyone else when you really need someone to talk to the most. And that was basically my week. It hasn't been a good one. Plus, I have had the worst sleep in the world. Actually, I haven't been able to get sleep for more than three days. As in, any sleep AT ALL!! It was horrible. I thought I was going to die during lessons. But I made it through the week and I pray that the next would be better.

Also, this week I watched the Marryatvile play on Wednesday. It was really funny. I also got to take more pictures with Benji! Let me show them.

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View of the esplanade. It's pretty, huh? =) My photography skills NEVER fails! Hahaha! =P

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The boys with something scenic behind them. I tell you, THOSE boys love getting their pictures taken no matter how much they 'claim' they don't. Even more than me! And more than many other girls I know. Especially Taufiq that little cam-whore! Hahaha! =P

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The welcome party on Monday. It was quite nice. the food was good.

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The boys, again! Hahaha! The Singapore River actually looks very nice in the evening. And at night, with all the night lights and the boats going along it. Especially when the sun sets and all.

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Just LOOK at it, lah! So beautiful! You'd think that it wasn't Singapore. =)

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FINALLY I am in the picture! =P Though I look pretty tired. All thanks to the Singapore humid heat and a restless ngiht of NO sleep! Yes, people, beuaty sleep DOES exist and if you don't get it, you'll look like crappola. Just see me in that picture. Tsk! Tsk!

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Me and Jenny! =D She was so kind to accompany me on my way home after the play. Or else, I would've rotted by myself.

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The aussies.

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Me and my brother from another mother! He's my official 'adik' and junior. Khairi is SO sweet. He was the ONLY junior who gave me a birthday present. Thanks, Khairi!! =) Maybe next time you should help me get some good pie?

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MY lovely seniors! I missed Faris's nonsense.

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That's me at cineleisure. I went to watch the anime movie 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'. But more on that tomorrow. I'm running short of time. This is the first time I felt tall in DAYS! Thank god for the Simpsons! =P

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That's us and them before they left. We all were in a picture frenzy!

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Me and Eliza! =) She's one of the very few who I spent time with. She's really cool. Man... this thing is making me miss Ashleigh, my Aussia partner, last year. She's the BEST! I thought she was coming but she moved to Perth. =( Ah, well!

Anyways, it's time to celebrate LIVE: EARTH today and Singaporeans are the most un-enthu people I have ever laid eyes upon. I think I was one of the VERY few people who actually wore green to support this event. And I dunno if the others realised that they were supposed to wear green in the first place 'cos most of the ones who I saw wearing green were Ah-peks and Aunties. I dunno if they knew LIVE EARTH was even happening today. I even FORCED my parents to wear green today. Or I wouldn't let them leave the house!

Me: Abah! WHY are you wearing WHITE?! You're supposed to wear green!
Abah: But why? I don't feel like it.
Me: It's LIVE EARTH!! Awareness of global warming and environmental protection. HELLO!! Everyone will be wearing green today.
Abah: What? *confused* Um, operator can you connect my daughter to someone who cares?
Me: ABAH!! I'm not going to let you leave until you change.
Abah: Fiiiiine! *trudges back to his bedroom*

And when he got home he practically screamed, "I didn't see ANYONE wearing GREEN!" True, and I was really disappointed. What is up with THAT, lah?!

Enough of my disappointment on the whole Singaporean race, I CANNOT wait until the 24hour concert starts at 7pm!!! ALL my favourite bands and more are gonna be there to rock out! You can't miss this, people. Unless you're living under a rock. PROTECT THE OZONE LAYER!!! Woooooh! =)