Tuition for Smart ppl?

5:52 PM

Today was pretty cool. Except for the part where I had to wake up early to go for tuition early in the morning. I seriously DO NOT get why smart people go for tuition. You see, we had to put our overall A-math marks beside our name in this attendance list and pass it around the entire tuition class. And I was looking through the marks that everyone else wrote down. They all did great! Every single one of them passed and there was even this girl who got like 48/50. I was so reluctant to put my miserable marks down and let the WHOLE world see what a complete noob I am at math. Whhhhyyy do I have to placed in the 'smart people' class?! But I suppose the next time I write my marks down I PROMISE that I will not be embarassed by it.

My next two weeks is gonna be completely booked and packed. Which I THINK is a good thing, right? I mean, I wouldn't waant to be stuck at home. In fact, I usually would HATE that! I usually would take any oppurtunity to go out and get out of my house. But surprisingly, my feelings have taken a strange turn. I actually WANT to stay home. It's majorly weird for me. But maybe it's 'cos I'm so dead tired. And I think this is a good time for everyone to just take a break from everyone and everything. Like recuperate, and re-energize before jumping back into a sure-thing emotionally draining term 3. And I haven't really had much of a rest these few days. I just need one day. ONE DAY to just sleep the day away! Is that so much to ask?! And I doubt I can do much of that 'cos my aunt and step grandmother from Indonesia will be visiting us soon and then later, my family will follow them back home and visit THEM in Indonesia. Hopefully, it's just Batam. I don't wanna go on a flight all the way to Jakarta. It would be majorly tiring. Plus the trip would probably be about a week if we go all the way to jakarta. Most likely I'll just visit them there for a few days. At batam, I mean. Actually, I'm quite looking forward to shopping there! AND the FOOD!!! *drools* Oooooh, yeah! I can't wait to go there now that I think about it. All that mutton satay, mee bakso... murtabaks... Balinese Avocado Smoothie... OH, MANN!! I'm gonna get so fat after that trip but I don't really care anymore. I'll hit the gym another time. I think I deserve a good break and a good feast after getting through the last few weeks of Term 2. I think everyone does, so get yourselves something sinful and STUFF YOUR FACES!!!

Besides the whole going to Batam thing. I have all sorts of stuff all crowded on my birthday... Can't believe I'm gonna turn 17!! I sound so mature!! Just one year away from being a legal ADULT! Ohmygosh! Abit freaky now that I think about it. I can get a driving license and all. As in next year, lah. But STILL!! Anyways, what with all the happenings of June, I really hope I get to finish all my homework... Well... I haven't actually STARTED, but I'm sure, I'll manage! I hope... =S

Gosh... I really have nothing to blog about today. Except for the fact that I can't wait to watch Pirates of The Caribbean 3: At World's End on MONDAY!! Woooh! Finally! Everyone else has already watched it. I'm sure, I'll have more to talk about next week after all the happenings.

Oh, which reminds me! Diyanah and I made a promise that after the preps we would reinvent ourselves like Keetha did with her blog. I'm finally gonna get myself a Friendster account so that I won't lose touch with all my secondary school mates since it's my last year and all. Diyanah's getting herself a blog. So we're totally gonna re-invent ourselves these holidays! Watch out all you Friendster people, Sharifah's in the building! Hahaha!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead! Love to all!! =)

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