Pirates Day

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Okay, okay! I know that I haven't blogged since like forever. And everyone's been all, "UPDATE, lah, SHARIFAH!!!" And I'm like, "I will, I will!! Soon, lah!" And the soon never really came. I never knew people actually READ my blog. Hahaha! So, anyways, currently I'm running an errand for my dad online. Doing up his mp3 for him. So I thought I could just drop by and type out a quick entry so that no one will lose patience with my blog.

The thing is I have TOO much stuff to talk about! Let me list them out for you:-

1) Pirate's Day - This refers to the day Diyanah, Keetha, Gaya and I all watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at Cineleisure. As usual loads of stuff happened, we took tons of pictures AND I have a review of the movie that I HAVE to post 'cos I have tons of stuff to say about it. (Abit of a disappointment in my book)

2) Ambience Concert 2007 - Yes, I actually WENT for it! Surprise, surprise! Thanks to Mdm Neo for this lovely gift! =) It was surprisingly very entertaining with many, many comical moments along the way. Being a klutz is a tough job but someone's gotta bring in the laughter

3) ATC Farewell Ceremony - Our Juniors are majorly sweet and threw us this grand farewell ceremony at the school hall. They made all sorts of stuff. EVEN the food was made by them! I loved it. It was great. More on that LATER!!

4) Last but not least, I have SO, SOOOOO much to say about my 17th Birthday on the lovely number 05.06.07! The day was filled with all sorts of surprises and a majorly huge amount of food. I had SO much food, it should be illegal to consume such mindblowing amounts.

So, as you can see, tons of stuff happened and I feel that I owe to all of you to provide the story to each one. It is my DUTY as a blogger and it's only enthical. However, I have a really short amount of time in my hands. So, I'm just gonna start with the Pirate's Day.

That morning we had Math Remedial where we tried to completely master algebra. But I was SO not in the mood to study. In fact, I have never really been in the mood to study since the preps ended. Which isn't a good thing since every single teacher dumped a massive amount of work on us. WHICH I have yet to touch. May God have mercy on my soul when I get back to school. But let's not digress here. While Mdm Wong went for some meeting and the class was left on it's own to finish up all the work she gave us, Diyanah, Keetha, Gaya and I already started to do some cam-whoring before we went off for Pirates. Here are the first few pictures...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Poor Diyanah can't handle my GUNS!! Hahahaha! =P

So, then, since Mdm Wong probably wasn't gonna come back or anything. We decided to leave a tad bit early. =P Hehehe! We had to make our way to Somerset, Cineleisure. But we had to wait for Sharleen who was having her O'level Mother Tongue that day. She wanted to watch it with us. EVENTHOUGH she already watched it. She must've loved the movie. So, we walked around Centrepoint to kill some time. Our movie was at 2.30pm. We went to this super awesome party shop which sells the most awesomest party stuff EVER!!! I was so amused that such a shop existed. I thought we had to buy all our party gear at Fair Price where they sell those lame kiddy stuff. But this shop is totally fab. They understood that parties are not just for 3-year-olds. They are for everyone! Of ANY age! I love birthday parties! They are always tons of fun. So, anyway, this shop sells funky party hats, candles of any numbers for any age, all sorts of cool decorations AND the BEST thing they sell are BALLOONS!!! Not just any ordinary ballons. Noooo, these are the coolest ballons ever! They are the helium ones! And it doesn't end there. There are so many coloured balloons to choose from. Some are printed with spankin' decorations! Like Happy Birthday and funky designs and then, we spotted this one that has a pirate's treasure map design on it. It was black and white. And then, we can even choose the ribbon that's gonna be tied to it! It's so super awesome. Everyone knows how much I LOVE balloons. They always made me happy. AND I hate it when people starts popping them for fun. Those things cost money and popping them is just a waste of it.

Oh, yeah! We also took some pictures with the funky hats and headpieces we saw. Here are the hilarious pics...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Me, in my fierceness!! You guys better be scared! =P Hahaha!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Diyanah in her role as Willy Wonka! Especially with that hair, lah! I can see her inner Johnny Depp.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Keetha being a butterfly! Or elephant... Hmm... This puzzles me! But nevertheless, a great picture 'cos Keetha's doing her whole model-lip-pout-smile. =P

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Gaya the Playboy BUNNY!! Hahaha! =P

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And so, we rushed to the Cineleisure and bought the tickets. However, Sharleen couldn't make it 'cos the timings were too early. So, we took out Pirate Balloon, affectionately named 'Mr Pirate' and our lovely pirates ticket up to the cinema, along with our Mrs Field's brownies and cookies. Then, when we were about to enter the cinema, the ticket girl stopped us. Apparently we couldn't bring it in. GOD KNOWS WHY?!! So, we would have to take it after the movie.

Okay, about the movie, it was... LONG!! Ohmygod! It was so long I had time to search for my phone when it dropped on the floor. I had time to message Jenny during the movie. And I still would be watching the same scene for a long time. I thought the plot was way too confusing and that Black-lipped lady should REALLY learn to enunciate her words!! I mean, I know she's supposed to be all Jamaican accented and mysterious. But she ended up being more confusing than mysterious. I will constantly be nudging Keetha, asking her, "What just happened?" or "Why did that happen?" or "WHAT THE HECK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!!" and the most asked question of the day, "WHY crabs of all things?!!". The plot was a disappointment but the action sequences weren't. The action was TOP-NOTCH!! There were super cool fight scenes and ship battles. And about the whole "Welcome to Singapore" thing. It didn't LOOK like Singapore. It was like some alleyway in China. I only saw China people and the girls there looked like whores. I think they got it quite wrong. BUT, Chow Yun Fatt did us justice. He was pretty cool, though abit of a chikopek. =P

Then we walked around Cineleisure and took MORE pictures!! We cam-whored with posters and MANNEQUINS!! Ohmygosh, this is hilairous!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Gaya isn't fond of Daniel Radcliffe! High-five, girlfriend!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I just realized this but Gaya's hair is EXACTLY the same as Sirius's! This is freaky stuff, man. They must've gone to the same salon. Wah, wah, Gaya's got hollywood hair!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There is another picture with Diyanah ACTUALY kissing the mannequin. One day, I'll just buy her one for her birthday to keep at home and she can do ANYTHING she wants to it. Hahaha!

Darn, my mum's screaming at me already. I have to go! More pictures and entries soon, I promise!! =)


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