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7:20 PM

YES, YESSSSS!! It is finally, FINALLY OVER!! Oooooooh, yeeeaaahhh!!!

Okay, that was really spastic of me but I don't really care. The fact is that I have finally finished my last paper today, which BIO. I studied bio like crazy. I did nothing but Bio last weekend, barely reading through E-Math, Malay and Literature. It's not really that much a good thing 'cos I think I totally flunked my malay proverbs. And cloze passage. And Bio turned out to be harder than I thought it was gonna be. But GOSH!! Now, my mind keeps recoting all these random facts about Bio. I'm like a Bio fact vending machine. Sometimes, I'll just space out and start mumbling to myself without realizing, "Mutation is the sudden or spontaneous change in the gene structure or the number of chromosomes..." then, I'll suddenly realize what I'm doing and stop myself. It's seriously freaky. I'll start thinking of xylems and respiration and all sorts of Bio stuff. I guess it's a Post-Bio Sydrome. It's when you overload your brain with too many Bio facts and it just slooshes in your head and spills all over the place when you don't want it too. That's just sad, man. I guess the only way to cure this Sydrome is to... Hmm... Let's see what shall Dr. Hanan Alhaddad prescribe for herself:-

1) Go out with your friends whenever possible
2) Play ZUMA like there's no tomorrow (gotte beat Diyanah's high score)
3) Watch movies if my financial status allows me too
4) Watch as MUCH cable as I possibly can
5) Get my muslces back by frequent trips to the gym

There you go. My very valid, very scientific prescription. I think I'm gonna do those things right now! Hahaha! =P

I would love to talk about all my papers and reflect on how badly I have done eventhough I studied like crazy. But I really don't wanna bring myself down. Today has been a pretty good day. Diyanah and I promised each other that 15 May is TIMEZONE time. Yes, yes, we're geeks. We spend our lives playing Zuma, Lemonade tychoon on our phones and going to Timezone killing off giant Spiders in the Jungle Game and Gunmen in Time Crisis 2. Let me tell you, I never really been the gaming type. I swear! I don't like the whole gaming idea. But I must say, my mind have OPENED up to new possibilities these few weeks and it has been quite a fulfilling enlightenment. I still don't really like online games 'cos I find it quite boring. But I love going to Timezone. All the games are hands-on and exciting. Diyanah and I screamed our lungs out at the Jungle game. Those bugs are damn FREAKY and damn HUGE!! You can hear us screaming from the other side of Timezone but we don't care 'cos it's fun to scream at bugs. It's just plain FUN!! We were counting down the days to 15 May it FINALLY came. I was so darn HAPPY!!! Then, Taufiq, Halim, Akmal and Suffian decided to join us. It was loads of fun though I didn't get to play my House of The Dead 4. I can't bear the pressure of playing in front of those guys. 'Cos they're so good. And I never even had the courage to play the game in my life. But it's okay. the jungle game RULES!!!

Alrighty, I'm not actually supposed to be online right now. But I begged my mum for half an hour. So, I think my time is already up. I'm kindda really sick right now. I've been coughing non-stop with fluctuating fevers. I was forced to go to the doctor last Sunday and realized how bad my sickness was 'cos the doctor told me to go rest and gave me 6 different types of drugs for me. It's really gross, lah! I feel like some druggie. I don't really like taking my medicine. I don't know WHY those druggies do it!

Hahaha! Anyway, I'm seriously out of time. But maybe I'll go search for some phone games. Have a great holiday tomorrow, people!! CELEBRATE!!!!! =D

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