Bad News for Health

11:15 AM

Well, I actually have loads of stuff to talk about, like the inline-skating thing and the pool/movie outing with Jen, Halim, Taufiq and Suffian. But I'm actually not supposd to be online. It's not my online time but my mum let go on for a while 'cos later on today, I'll be going to some Lit Lecture thingy at some hotel. I'm not really in the mood for it 'cos I'm still pretty sick.

Darn, my sickness! I finished ALL the medicine the doctor gave meand I am not even the least bit better! And so, I had to go for another visit to the doctor to see if anything's wrong. I got some majorly freaky news. Apparently, since the medicine isn't working, it may be something a little more serious than flu. He gave even stronger drugs to help fight the disease. Another batch of six drugs. Five of which is different from my last visit. He warned me that because of a certain ingredient in the medicine that's pretty strong, it may have some side effects like my hands will be shaky and I'll be all wonky and groggy. Which explain why it's so darn difficult to type with my shaky fingers so, please forgive any typos along the way. Right, the doctor told me to visit him again on Monday to see if all is going well. If not, I'd have to be admitted to the hospital 'cos he suspects that my lungs are infected! But I doubt I'll be going to the hospital, the drugs he gave me are pretty strong so, it shoudl work. Although, last night didn't go too well.

Okay, let's not talk about depressing stuff. On the 16th of May, we all went out to hang at Jen's Basement. It's been ages since I played pool. At first, we went to Jalan Kayu (a place which I have never been to in my entire life here in Singapore) and ate some lunch together. The guys ate prata while Jen and I went to this western restaurant called, 'Mad Jack's' and ordered some stuff to go. I ordered some spagetti and Jen some Baked Rice. It was delish! Then, we watched Four Brothers. It's SO real and SAD, lah!! Espcially when the littlest brother died! The guys went to play pool first while Jen and I watched the movie till it was over. Then, we joined the guys. My pool skills are like so bad! But Jen was in my team most of the time so we kept on winning. 'Cos Jen's the pool master! And I just the balls. The guys get good so fast, lah! They were like bouncing the balls and pocketting them one after another. Wish I could get good at a sport as quickly as them. They were almost pros after the third game. Darn, my sports handicap! Hahaha! But it was fun. Taufiq and Suffian with their usual antics. Apparently, they were marking their territories and... You DON'T wanna know HOW! =P

All in all, it's been a week filled with drama and all sorts of weird things that don't usually happen in ordinary days. And lots of things that need to be settled straight before the hols start so that everything will be clear and out in the open so that the hols will be free of emotional stress. Well, I have to go get ready for that lit thing now. See y'all later, peeps!

Have a great weekend ahead! =)

I want a little something more.
Don't want the middle or the one before.
I don't desire a complicated past;
I want a love that will last

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