Biologically Smart

5:09 PM

My tuition thing turned out okay but I found out that my primary school enemy was in the SAME class as ME!! What are the odds of that?! I almost fell off my chair. That guy is SUCH a boob. I can't stand him. He used to torment me when I was in primary school. Just 'cos he was bigger and his parents were rich and he has weird coloured eyes. He ALWAYS put me down. I couldn't STAND his face. And when I saw him in my tuition class, all the bad memories flooded my head. I remembered how he teased me to no end and finally one day, I hit him and he cried and told the teacher and I got into trouble and they threatened to take my prefect badge away. Ugh. BAD memories, man. Anyways, I was determined not to let his presence disrupt my focus in class. The class was quite boring. I thought the two hours was NEVER gonna end. Oh, god! I'm kindda glad that it's only once a week now. But on a brighter note, I did get some work done. Now, I understand Binomial Theorem quite well. And next week's trigo, though all my math tests would've been over by then.

Anyways, Bio just has SOOO much stuff to memorise. I have NO idea how I'm gonna cram all that information in my head. Who knew sex was so technical?! The chapter on sexual reproduction in Mammals is SO darn complicated. Just off the top of my head, I can recall all sorts of weird technical sentences that are just so darn... technical! Like, "To penetrate the egg, the acrosome of the sperm releases an enzyme to break down the corona radiata and disperse the follicle cells."Basically, that's what happens when a sperm fertilises the egg. Couldn't they just simplify things? Though I have to say, I feel really smart when I start reciting those chim scientific terms. Like randomly, I shall name afew, just to seem smart: Corpus luteum, Graafian follicle, follicle stimulating hormone, progerterone, oestrogen, testosterone, endometrium, epididymis... Woooh! And that's ONLY one chapter!! Imagine the amount of STUFF I have to memorise. Ah, well. I better get my butt off the com and start right now.

Good luck to everyone for the Prep-prelims next week!! Study hard but don't get too stressed. Your friends are always there to help! =)

In my darkest moment,
when all seems lost;
Will you be by my side?

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