Behind Closed Doors

4:08 PM

I should be studying my ass off right about now so, I'm gonna make this a quick one. After all, I already feel so darn guilty for waking up so late and not doing much mugging in the morning. You see, I woke up late and then, I had to go off with my mum to go to some tuition centre in which she was gonna enroll me in. I tell you, it's the most ulu tuition centre ever! We had NO idea where the entrance was so went all around Khatib Central looking for it. Until finally with some barber's directions, we managed to find that enrance. And so my mum registered me to this class. Specifically to study A-Math 'cos my A-math is like... well, you know. I tell you, I'm a bit pissed 'cos I swear, Tuition Centres are a total rip-off!! I mean, it should be ILLEGAL for someone to charge you So much money for something that only ocurs two hours a week, once a week. My mum had to pay $200 FREAKIN' dollars for one subject. And $94.80 subsequently for every month. For FOUR measly lessons. I mean, you would think that with that kind of charge, they would organise say right classes a month. But NO, it's FOUR measly lessons. Two hours per lesson. So, basically, if I don't study my ass of and get good marks for my prelims, all that money would've been a total and complete waste. Great, like I needed anymore pressure. My class starts immediately tomorrow morning. I hope it's useful. After all, my mum used my birthday money for it. She whispered, "That money was reserved for your birthday present, by the way. So, we may not be able to afford your rebonding next month." Whatever, lah. I seriously wonder WHY they need to charge so much. When there're people who charge say 6 bucks an hour, tuition teachers charge a hundred. Rip-off, I tell you... RIP-OFF!!!

Right, so anyway, I'm gonna move on from my angry state to a better one. I'm gonan share with y'all a bunch of funny pictures which Diyanah, Gaya and I took in between lessons at the tiolet. No, don't worry, it's not some random pictures of us cam-whoring in front of the mirror. It's actually a bunch of tablos of what secrets lie behind the closed doors of the girl's cubicles. And now I present...

Behind Closed Doors
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This is what you usually see when you girls come inside the toilet. But here are some possibilities of what's actually happening behind these doors.
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These are the 'P' activities. That would be me Puking, Gaya's Peeping and Diyanah's Pissing. Hahaha!
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There could be girls emoing and crying inside the cubicle (Diyanah). Or rebels vandalising the ewalls with all sorts of crap (me) and maybe some just wanna message in peace (Gaya). All possibilities!
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And finally, for all you book-lovers out there. I'm playing the hardworking students who didn't wants some peace and quiet and doesn't even want to to waste a single minute of study-time, doing five-year-series after a good piss. Diyanah's demonstrating the typical leisure activity that many participate in while doing their usual big business. And Gaya's the gossip-monger who's flipping through the magazine, talking about the coolest celebs, all in the coolest room of all: The toilet! Hahaha!
Hope you all enjoyed that. There's no reason to torture yourself too much. Just pace yourself and keep positive. Don't go crazy over the preps. Yes, I know it's important. But there are many important things in life too. It's not worth getting yourself ill or insane and maybe ruin the relationships which you hold dear. Don't get too stressed and start pushing people who wanna help you away. I've made that mistake before. It sucks. So, you guys, don't forget to smile and you guys will get through this!! ALL THE BEST, PEEPS!!!
Have a great mugger's weekend! =)
And in this crazy life,
And through these crazy times;
It's you,
It's you;
You make me sing.
You're every line.
You're every word.
You're everything...

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