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4:58 PM

This time I'm gonna try and make this entry as short as possible 'cos I think I'll be spending my computer time today doing some other stuff and read some Manga. Our first Malay excursion this year was a fun one. We went to the Aksara at National Library. There were tons of cool stuff that show us how the Malay language transformed over the years and stuff. It was really cool and Halim spotted my family name in one of those showcased ancient documents!! It was soooo cool! I saw and Alhadad who was an attorney. It was all old looking and the thing was printed out in typewriter. To think that I'm actually related to this guy who's probably been dead for the past 200 years or something. Diyanah and I were laughing so hard 'cos we were trying to decipher all the arabic and jawi letterings. Cikgu Asnah was super pro at it, lah! After that I was sooo looking forward to getting my Avocado smoothie at the Han's at the National Library. Then my hopes were crushed as the dude said that the avocados were not ripe. Then, I thought maybe I could get my Rosti (which is this awesome dish made of shredded potatos, melted cheese and sour cream). Later I found out that the shop was replaced by some fancy-shmancy chocolatier. In the end, I got myself some Zinger. Abit of a disappointment but it was good nonetheless.

Oh, I got myself a trim today!! I made sure that the lady didn't cut my hair too short 'cos I'm growing my hair for prom. It's pretty long already. Actually, I wasn't planning to cut my hair or anything like that for a long, long time. Eventhough my fringe is already so darn long. So long that it's not much of a fringe and looking more like bunches of my hair that has escaped from my ponytail. My family always go to our usual hair salon at Yishun once every two months where my mum gets her hair treatment and my sis gets her hair cut even shorter. I always come along and get a new hairstyle. But this time's different. In the end, I tagged along and I couldn't help but get myself a trim as well. Now my fringe's quite short and looks like an actual fringe. For once, I can SEE without swishing my fringe around. It's kindda a relief 'cos I sortta found my fringe a hassle lately. It's good I finally got it cut.

Okay, I don't think I'm gonna write anymore. So I' gonna go already!

By the way, ZUMA rocks!! It's this game Sharleen sent me! It ROCKS!! I couldn't stop playing it. It's like puzzle bobble but BETTER!! Now I know how Diyanah got addicted. Hahaha! Oh, and I thought I would share this funny convo I had with my sis and dad. Here's a good way to get out of doing your chores, turn the tables on them.

Sis: Kakak, shouldn't you be doing your chores? Mama said must vacuum the floor.
Me: (on the com) Shouldn't YOU be doing your homework?
Sis: (embarrassed) I cannot find my protractor. How bout you?
Me: (matter-of-factly) Same reason. No protractor.
(sis walks away confused)


Dad: Eh, didn't mama ask you to vacuum the house?
Me: (on the com) Didn't mama ask YOU to go buy groceries?
Dad: (embarrassed) I'm short on cash. And what's YOUR excuse?
Me: (matter-of-factly) Same reason. Cash shortage.
(dad walks away confused)

MAN! Works EVERYTIME!! It may not amke much sense, but hey, it works! And I don't mess with a good thing. =P

Okay, now I'm REALLY done!

Don't look back;
And have no regrets,
Time won't wait for us
(I couldn't ask for a better place to be)

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