Turning point

4:29 PM

Okay, okay! I am done! I have been inspired by someone and now, I am done moping around and being all sad and what-not. There are SO many other people who have far bigger problems than me. Sure, at times, I just feel SO tired that I wish I wasn't alive. And at times, things just DON'T go like you wanted it to. But that's just life, isn't it? Anyway, I am so inspired by this guy. He's only 14 and he has so much responsibility. His mother and father are both deaf and his little brother is blind. He's like the bridge of communication between them. And if anything happens and if somethign happens, he's the one who has to make the phone calls and he is the one who helps his parents and brother to communicate with normal people. And you would think that he would be all stressed and breakdown and stuff. But no! He's so calm and well-mannered and sweet. He has no teen angst or whatever 'cos he was forced to act like an adult even before he became one. It was SO inspiring. I thought about my problems and insecurities. They are like peanuts compared to what that kid had to go through. And I made up my mind to be positive about things. I know that I probably said this one too many times already. About how I'm gonna try and be more positive. Well, this time, I'm DONE trying! I'm gonna DO it!

I know that things are gonna get really hard for me. Especially this year. Things just HAVEN'T been going well. And I am hating almost every single moment of my life. But I realized that I am lucky that my problems aren't really long term. In fact, most likely, they'll be gone by the end of the year. And the new year will bring different problems. But whatever it is that I'm trying to handle now, I should handle it with class and calmness. I should be mature about things and be positive. I mean, I'm older than that guy and I'm whining about all the teeny problems I'm having.

I hate you, but I have to accept you.

I loved you and now I'm gonna get over you.

Looks aren't everything. So, get over my looks.

Stop caring about what other people think.

No more burdening loved ones with my problems.

Okay, now that that Dr Phil session is over. I'm gonna talk about something else. Like all my favourite BANDS!! I dunno why but just feel like talking about it. I am a very music-varied person. I used to be very into pop but then I got out of that phase. Then, I went all out on Oldies and the classics. I was into Michael Jackson and Barry Manilow and Queen. Which brings me to my next craze. And that would be Jazz. I was into Jazz for a very long time and I still am. I was into Smooth Jazz like Michael Buble and also into Contemporary Jazz like Jamie Cullum. I was SO into it, lah! So much so that I wanted to become a jazz singer. Which is kindda a bad thing now 'cos now I can sing jazz songs pretty okay but when I sing normal songs, it's really horrible. Anyways, after my whole Jazz thing, I dove into R&B. I loved Usher to death. Grooved to Alicia Keys' tunes. Which brought me to Hip Hop and...

I think taht's a little too much information, right? The point is that I suddenly became into Rock. Not lke those Hard Core, Heavy Metal kind of rock. And I don't like the whole Punk Rock and Pop Rock thing too. I'm kindda picky, I guess. I'm into Alternative Rock and just normal standard rock. This is all thanks to Diyanah and Dinah MZ who exposed me to such awesome bands. Before this, I was only into Red Hot Chilli Peppers (and I found a kindred spirit in Yi Min: ROCKIN' WITH THE PEPPERS!!). But Diyanah got me listening to all sorts of cool bands and now I'm officially hooked!

Here are my most favourite band of ALL time...

The only music that really gets me.
So emo, man!
No more insecurities;
No more.
I promise...

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