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The Playmakers Have ARRIVED
6:06 PM
Saturday, April 14, 2007
Friday was a really, really tiring day for me. But there were many cool stuff that happened that day. Like the marked success of Project J!! Our jumper finally came today and it looks totally FABULOUS!! The Playmakers have ARRIVED!! Yayy! I was so psyched. I couldn't wait to tell everyone the good news. Especially Keetha, Jenny and Priya who have the BEST reactions. They would scream and go, "Are you serious?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!" and I'll just scream, "YESS! YES!! NO KIDDING!!!" It was so great to see them so happy and share their happiness. 'Cos The Drama Peeps have been pretty down on the dumps lately and the arrival of the jumper really placed a smile on their faces.

I remember waiting for the Van to come with Keetha at the porch. I was practically gyrating!! I was tapping my feet anxiously and jumping up and yelling, "HERE IT COMES!! HERE IT COMES!!" like a maniac everytime I caught sight of a van coming our way. But everytime that would happen, the van would just zoom past our school and I would sink back down to my seat and I would go, "Keetha! You see, lah, I told you that wasn't the VAN! Hahahaha!" And Keetha, who was waiting oh-so-calmly beside me would go, "EHH, EHH!! Don't blame me okay! I'm innocent here!" This happened frequently. I jumped up from my seat at least 20 times and this time, I ain't joking. Until suddenly, this car came up the porch and the dude looked really farmiliar. He asked the security guard something and I nudged Keetha, "Eh, eh, dude! Is that the uncle??" She would look really confused, 'I dunno, lah..." Then, I'd go, "D'you remember how he looks like?" Keetha would then give me THAT look and go, "Soooo long ago! You think I take note of these things, ah?" Hahahaha! Damn funny, lah, Keetha! Turns out the dude in the car was the T-shirt guy! And he gave me and Keetha these HUGE bags of t-shirts and jumpers. You see, the ATC shirts are coming that day as well! So, it was like DOUBLE the good news.

Anyways, I have tons of cool pictures I took when passing out all the cool jumpers to all the Playmakers. Some of them aren't photographed 'cos they are out having rehersals with Mrs Kamal before the actual meeting time. I'm so glad that people are finally stepping it up! After all, our performance is THIS MONDAY!!! Right so, here are the funny pictures of us getting hyped over the jumpers.

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Here's the bag of jumpers when it was FRESHEDLY open! Dinah Bee and I were like sniffing the 'new jumper' smell as if they were making us high. It's better than drugs, I tell you!! Hahaha! We couldn't wait to tear the plastic open and start WEARING them.

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Dinah Bee is now presenting the SACRED jumper to Priya who is no less than overjoyed by the honour. Hahaha! =P

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And here's Priya presenting DINAH BEE!! Hahaha! those two are real cuckoos, lah!

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Here's Prasaanth and Ashwin. They are so happy that they received their jumpers. Just LOOK at their faces!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They CAN'T WAIT to open the bags and wear them!! (this is becoming a story already! Hahaha!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And they wore the jumpers and look TOTALLY AWESOME!! Hahaha! The End. =P

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Attitude =P

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Me trying the jumper out with the hood. I look so Emo, man!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The guys look really HOT in their jumpers. I dunno what it is about guys, but I think jumpers just make them look SO much more good-looking and manly-er? And more buffed!

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Jenny is HAPPY!! Look at her HUGE smile! You can light up a room with that smile! =)

Gosh, I'm out of time already. I guess I'll have to continue tomorrow then. Keep working ATC! Don't lose sight of THAT gold!

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