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5:23 PM
Sunday, April 15, 2007
Oh, MY GOD!! I seriously don't think I'm gonna get ANY sleep tonight. The butterflies in my tummy just WON'T go away. I can't possibly imagine how I'll feel tomorrow. I think I'll go crazy!! As y'all probably already, tomorrow is the FINAL SHOWDOWN. It's the Anderson Theatre Circle's SYF performance. And I am really, really nervous. I'm not as confident as I was in the last SYF. It's 'cos our last SYF, we practised it SO many times with SO many focused sessions and stuff, it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to forget my lines. Even now, I can still regurgitate my old lines. It's engraved in my skull. There is NO way in hell that I'll forget what to do or what to say. There was no room for screw-ups. This one though, I am still not that confident. I know that I'm gonna make it work. In fact, everyone in ATC WILL make it work. But, this would mean pressure on EVERYONE! Every single member of ATC. You can't mess up, YOU CAN'T!! One mess up and everything's affected. Sure, it's a team effort. That is why we have to pull our weight. That is why we have to be perfect individually to be perfect as a team. And when you're a performer, you are gonna be UNDER that magnifying glass. The audience, the JUDGES are gonna look at you. They're gonna take note of every little thing that happens on stage. There is no room for mistakes. NO ROOM!! You have to be PERFECT or the play won't be perfect. You have to put in nothing but a BILLION percent with the most infectious energy that you can summon with every fibre of your being. Once the crew have set up the stage for you, it's YOUR show. They have passed the baton to you. The responsibility is now on you. If anything goes wrong, if a prop is missing *touch wood*, you HAVE to make it work. It's make it or break it time... And we HAVE to make it...

Yes, I am aware that I probably sound like a raving lunatic. Stressing everyone out and all. Actually, I'm stressing MYSELF out, more like. But I can't help it!! These are the thoughts that keep going round in my head and I can't stop them. They are constantly ringing in my head. This SYF means ALOT to me... A LOT!! Not only is it my last SYF, but also, I'm gonna be putting this in my testimonial. And maybe use it as a boost for my DSA. This is important to me. And we HAVE to keep our rep. This is really stressing me out, man... I'mma go try and blog about something else.

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Isn't this place beautifully mysterious? On the contrary of what people think of litle Singapore, there are many, many cool hidden places that are really nice and beautiful that's just waiting to be found. Like these pictures for instance. Yes, this is in Singapore. In fact, I took the pictures myself. The place was quiet and calm and really beautiful. And it seems hard to believe that I was still in Singapore. Sure, I love shopping malls but once in a while, it feels good to just escape from everything. It clears your head. So, really Singapore isn't ALL an urban metropolis that everyone thinks. There are little treasures hidden in this island. You just have to look... =)

Wooh, I am a pretty good photographer, eh?? (Sorry, that was random)

Anyway, It's time to BRING IT, people!! All the Best for all the remaining SYF teams!! =)

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