The Secret Hate Letter

3:56 PM

I'm gonna type out a short post before I head off to Yishun Stadium where Diyanah and Shamini will meet me and we're gonna run together. I think all the sec fours will be running today. At least, almost everyone I know are. Which is kindda freaky actually. Everyone will be all ready and super fast with super stamina, being all super fit and ... stuff. This just means I have to get fitter. (Flash back) Oh, gosh!! I just realized how much I ate the past week!! HUGE, HUGE, MASSIVE amounts!! I'm surprised I haven't gained a ton yet! Phew, thank god I'm running later. Shed off some jigglies.

Oh, I'm gonna have a busy night tonight. I can't believe how much of a boob I am. I totally left all homework in school!! My foolscap, my malay workbook... my MALAY workbook which is supposed to be handed in by TOMORROW!! I am in deep, deep trouble. Cikgu Asnah will KILL me!! She'll use her laser eyes and burn holes in my head and lecture me to death in front of the whole class thus, making my death even more humilliating. Okay, okay... breathe in, breathe out... I certainly hope everything will be alright tomorrow. I'm planning to borrow all the homework from Diyanah and Shamini later and I'm gonna try and don all of them on my sister's foolscap and copying them into the actual book. And I have to try and finish up everything before Ugly Betty, which I never fail to watch every week. It's officially my favourite TV series, currently.

Anyways, no more me going all whiney-whiney! I'm gonna try and talk about something else. Hmm... Oh, yeah!! Mr Bean's Holiday!!

This movie is some funny stuff! Which is obviously expected 'cos Mr Bean is in it. And it's HIS movie, so you can expect some really weird scenes in there. The story is about Mr Bean winning a holiday to France. And then, getting horribly lost. Expected right?! Hahaha! Then, he ended up stuck with the son of a Canne Film Festival Judge, who got lost because of him. Along the way he tried to busk for money (which was my favourite part of the whole movie. This was where he pretended to be an opera singer. I laughed my ass of, lah!) and hitched a ride with a very, very pretty French wannabe actress. By the way, that lady has really nice hair. I was thinking of cutting my hair to style similar to that one. But I decided to just leave my hair the way it is. 'Cos it'll take ages to grow back for Prom. And I'm planning to do something about it this June!! Yayy! Can't wait! Anyways, watch it with your family and friends! you'll have a great time laughing together. =)

My patience is running out. I have been able to stand this person's existance for quite some time and now, I think I have finally had enough. I have never in my life hated some one SO much for so few reasons. And even I dunno why I dislike her so much, But I just do and this week has been unbearable for me and it's all because of her. And even now, as I type this horrible message out, I can't stand that I'm talking about her. I can't stand that she has such an effect on me. Get out of my life, Bitch! I know how two-faced you are. I KNOW what you think of everyone else. So, don't act all nice and cheerful when you're only bitching about them behind their backs. Get yourself a little thing called dignity. You smile and laugh and flirt like no one's business. I know who you really are. And your existance bugs me.

Anyways, I hope you all will have a good week ahead and good luck with the NAPFA test too! And let's pray everything will go well.

And I await anxiously

For the day that you'll be with me...

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