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Another week has passed. I dunno about y'all but I think these few days have been going by REALLY fast lately. I mean, it doesn't feel like it going fast during LESSONS (especially English) but you tend to realize suddenly that Friday has already come. It's getting be a bit freaked. I mean, I haven't actually started all my studying and I don't have any tuition or whatever. And the next thing I know the prep prelims are already here! Even so, I'm wishing next week would go by as fast as possible. This is 'cos next week is gonna be a rather stressful one for me and I would've loved it if it already ended. Why?? Two words: 2.4km Run! *shudders*

I am TERRIFIED of NAPFA. TERRIFIED!!! I have always been terrified and been pressured to do well since sec two. Due to certain reasons. And every year, I would train for my run. Even then, I was still very unlucky when the big day came. In my sec two year, I ran an extra round (in which I shall never ever forgive that person who made me do so for she costed me my consecetive Gold NAPFA badge at the end of sec four) and last year, I had the unlucky fate of being tonsil-ly unstable on that day and I fainted on the tracks. Which was probably one of my more embarrassing moments in Anderson. And so, this made me wonder what will happen THIS year! You may never know when it comes to me. Though I really, really hope nothing bad happens this year. I'm so unbearably nervous!! Just thinking about it makes my stomach twist into a knot and makes my heart beat quicker. Plus this year, I didn't even have the time to practice like I did last year. Which only makes me SO much more nervous. I can't handle running under pressure. It make my right eye twitch and my palms sweat! I may just convulse on the tracks before we even BEGIN to run!! AAARGH!! I'm having so many horrible scenarios popping into my head right now!! What if I trip on my legs and fall face first into the tracks?! What if my tag thingy doesn't beep?! What if my legs cramp? What if...?

Okay, I'll stop now. I won't think about it. Instead, I'm gonna post some random pictures I took this week. It's been awhile since I posted some spastic pictures! I thought it'll be fun! =)
Here they are!

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Here's Jenny, Keetha, Priya and Gaya in the back of the van while me carry out the mission of Project J. I won't tell you what it is but I thought they looked really funny! They're supposed to be either monkeys or prisoners. Hilarious! =P

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Here's Diyanah and Shamini with their new hair cuts. I think they look really nice!! Shamini looks like some Indian Paris Hilton / model while Diyanah... Alamak! I don't need to say anything about her, lah, that gorgeous thang! She can shave her head and STILL look good! Doesn't even matter what style she cuts! Make me jealous only! Hahaha! =P Looking good you two, man-magnets! =)

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Shamini looks slutty here! Hahaha! Seducing me, right?! =P

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A super cute bear I saw!! =) Random, I know!

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And that's Logan and Max!! The blue one is Logan Sony and the black one's Maximilian William Sony. And together, they're the Sony brothers. Diyanah just bought herself an mp3 player (the black one) this week. It's the soundaholic one. Mine's the test-tuv=be version. Now we're the only TWO people in Anderson who has Sony mp3 players! Hahaha! At least, I don't think I saw anyone with them but who knows? Anyways, Logan's the elder brother while Max is the little one. They look so HOT, don't you think?

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THE SONY FAMILY!! I decided to put Diyanah's stuff and my stuff together and I realized that they made one big family! From left to right, there's Max the youngest son. Then comes the gorgeous white Ashleigh, the mother and wife to... Gerrard, the hot black one. And finally the eldest son, elder brother to Max, LOGAN!! Hahaha!

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That's me looking like a little chemist! I'm on a lucky streak lately when it comes to chem. I haven't broken anything not spilled some chemical just yet! That's makybe 'cos it's usually Wei Jie (my lab partner) who does it. Hahaha! He's so funny.

Anyways, I'm out of time already. I'll try and think of something interesting to blog about tomorrow. Can't wait for dinner! I'm beginning to really look forward to eating. 'Cos my mum's making all sorts of new stuff. *drools* Oh, yeah!! =)

It's dizzying;
Like I'm floating to the heavens above.
Your lips taste like love...

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