Hand me Downs are so Handy

6:26 PM

I know, I know! I'm supposed to talk about the History Boys and it's contraversial plot. The plot, by the way, is about this teacher who like to feel up his students thighs. And his students are boys, just so you know. This explains the NC16 rating. But I'm just not in the mood to blog today. So, you why exactly am I blogging?! Beats me! I guess I just have itchy fingers. I'm always fiddling with something or other. A not-so-bad habit, I guess.

Oh, oh!! I got so much stuff yesterday!! I finally got to update my wardrobe! For those of you who go out with me, you may notice that I happen to always wear three basic colours; black, brown and black. Which is utterly dull. Don't ask me why I wear so much black. I just DO! I never actually realized it until last year. I've tried desperately to update my wardrobe with different colours. But currently I only have updated one colour to it. And that's red. Which isn't really much of an update. So, yesterday, I went to my cousin's place. Which is always a risky adventure in my books. But this time I managed to get myself a huge pile of hand-me-downs. I know it isn;t really too impressive. Y'all probably expected me to talk about this huge shopping spree where I bought a gazillion new outfits. WRONG!! I got myself some hand-me-downs from my cousins. But since they from the glam-side of the family, I don't actually mind that much. they have a great sense of style, though not necessarily my style. Still I can't be picky. I'm just glad I got to update my wardrobe!! YAYYY!!! =)

Anyways, I'm off to Timezone with my sis! Gonna kick-butt in Time-crisis and that new Thai jungle game. Woooh!

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