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Okay, first and formost, I have to say...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to my dear, dear friend; The girl who loves unknown hot dudes, Quinn and Kaka and ultimately... FOOD!! Also known as Diyanah!! May you have the most amazing year ever! Stay rockin', D-zy! =)

I have soooo many things to talk about right now but I have to admit that I have very little time. I have to finish the MASSIVE pile of homework that are looong overdue by now AND the new hoemwork that I just got yesterday. This never fails to make me stress-out. Seriously, if homework never exists, I probably would not have white hair!

OHMYGOSH!! I found my VERY first strand of white hair today! I almost collapse and convulsed on the floor. I was so super shocked! I have never, EVER had strand of white hair on my head since today. No matter how stressed I am. THIS is a sign! It just shows how drastic my current position is. I have to try and take things slow. But how CAN I when the school demands so much from me and the teachers just keep whipping us into fighting form?! How can I even THINK of relaxing?! Although I do try and relax at times, it's never really COMPLETE relaxation. My mind would be lingering on what homework I have to finish up next and what presentation I have to present and what are my lines for SYF and god knows what other stuff pops in my head at that moment in time. This is really sad. I just want SOME time (not even a lot of time, just some) to relax and just have fun doing nothing. Nothing is such a wonderful thing, really. But it looks like things are just gonna get harder and harder. Harder for me to make time to go out, harder for me to relax, harder for me to spend time with my friends and loved ones, harder for me to breathe, harder for me to smile... harder and harder... I know I sound like I may just stab myself with a penknife at any moement right now, but let me assure you, I am NOT that type. I am stronger than you think. Yeah, sure I may shed some tears along the way... but that's it. No self-mutilation, thanks very much.

Right anyways, no more emo talk now. I have to talk about TWO awesome movies that I have watched over the two weeks. One would be Music & Lyrics and the other is History Boys. Many of you may not have heard of the second one 'cos it's actually an indie flick which is only shown in Cineleisure, Cathay House and Vivo City. It's one of those independent films. The only reason I even THOUGHT of watching such a flick is only 'cos of Diyanah who told me that they were filled with hot dudes. And I trust her taste. True enough, it was a feast for the eyes. Too bad though, it's NC16. Too bad for all you fifteen year olds, I mean! Hahaha! Anyways, I wanna talk about... MUSIC & LYRICS

This movie is one of the nicest movies I have ever watched. It is a true Romance Comedy. Hugh Grant is hilarious!! I laughed my butt off at his himbo conversations and the funniest thing is that he doesn't realize that he's being funny, which just makes him funnier! He reminds me of Fauzi, surprisingly enough. The way he talks and his hair! Hahaha! And Drew Barrymore is super-duper klutzy. Like WAAAYYYY klutzier than me! =P And don't even THINK of disagreeing with me! Anyways, the movie is about this old washed-out 70's singer who's trying to make a come-back with his career. He gets the help of his plant-waterer, Drew Barrymore, who makes the lyrics while he makes the melodies. Along the way, they fell in love (sort of, lah). Then, some stuff happened and... (AAAARGH!! Running out of time) Basically, just WATCH the movie, lah! WATCH it!! Its jokes are actually funny and the plot is super sweet. WATCH IT!! Hahahaha! =P

Anyways, I don't have time to talk about History Boys which I have SO much to say about that. I will talk about it tomorrow. No worries!

I had a great Saturday morning. It's the only day I smiled so sincerely, and the only day I felt so energized after such a sweet morning. Thank you! =)

By the way, Project J's gonna be done by 11th April! YAYYY!! Can't wait!

That's how we'll always be;
Just you and me...
It's so wonderful,
To know you'll always be around.

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