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Okay, okay! I know that when I said that it was gonna be a short one the last time I blogged, the post didn't really turn out to be very SHORT. In fact, it turned out longer than I thought it would. But this entry will most definitely be a short one (I think). I'm going out tonight for that function thinger which I told y'all about yesterday. It's actually my mom's friend's son's 21st birthday party. It's being held in this fancy hotel so I have to wear something formal. My mum bought me this really nice dress and I can NOT wait to wear it later! It's all swishy and prom-y. Hmm... I wonder how I'm gonna celebrate MY 21st birthday. I doubt it'll be in some fancy hotel. I don't really know what to expect tonight. I've never really been to a hotel party before. I'm abit worried 'cos I know I should be studying RIGHT now to make up for the lost time later tonight. But I think I deserve a little break.

Oh, by the way, people... DO NOT WATCH 'The Good Girl'!!! DO NOT watch it!! It was on channel five last night. It's a movie that stars Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllanhal. I thought that it was some mushy romantic chick-flick. It certainly had the appearance of one. But DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! It is soooo, soooo not! And I found it the hard way. I watched the entire movie last night 'cos I have always wanted to watch that movie since it came out afew years ago. I thought Jake was majorly cute. And he is! In that movie too. But the plot is OH MY GOODNESS!! Sure, it's something like a romantic flick but it is one of THE MOST depressing movies I have ever, EVER watched in my entire life. I am not exaggerating this time. It's more depressing than Lost In Translation (which I thought was a torture to sit through, I have no clue why it won best movie in the Golden Globes). This story is all about raw emotions. And these emotions are sadness, depression and helplessness. It's AWFUL!! So now, you may be asking why did I continue watching it. The answer is simple: This movie is hypnotic. And I am not kiding. I literally couldn't stop watching it. I couldn't take my eyes away from all these people who are wasting their lives away in this little town. All the secrets and deception going on. It's unbearably hypnotic. Besides, I was alone in the living room while the rest of my family slept. I had my lit notes by my side and the TV in front of me, telling the most depresing stories of my life and let me assure you, you CAN'T take your eyes away from it. Whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

Hahahaha! I know I sound like a maniac but it's really an awfully depressing movie. The plot's about this woman named Justine (Jennifer Aniston) who works her life away in the cosmetic section of Retail Rodeo (which is a really horrible version of Fair Price). It's a mart in the middle of nowhere, where hardly anyone goes to. She's married with a pot-bellied man named Phil who is a painter. He paints walls (so anti-climax, right?). Phil has one best friend named Bubba (who is the biggest perv in the universe). Right so, the story begins with Justine telling us how she wasted her life away in Retail Rodeo where her existance means nothing to anyone. Until a new boy came to work there. His name was Holden (Jake Gyllanhal). He was quiet and kept to himself, a misfit. One day, Justine and Holden's eyes met over the counter and somehow, they formed a bond. They started talking and they fell in love. The problem is that Holden is 18 while Justine' already married and aged 30. Justine tried to resist the temptation of an affair. But they did it. They had an affair and that's when things get REALLY depressing. Justine became guilty and her life was turned upside down. Bubba got to know of Justine's affair with younger dude and demanded her to sleep with him or else, he would tell Phil everything. And so, she had to sleep with that pervert. But Holden (who is actually not Holden. His name was in reality Tom but he changed his name because he thinks that's he was the reincarnation of the main character of Catcher In The Rye. He was an eccentric wannabe writer) saw her 'cos he was obsessed with her. He followed her after work and saw her sleeping with Bubba but he didn't know she was unwillingly doing it. He flew into a rage and started drinking and going all psycho on Justine. Meanwhile, Phil tried his best to be a good husband eventhough he was pretty dumb and he irritates Justine. They've been trying to get a baby for ages. To Phil's delight, Justine got pregnant. But what he didn't know that it was his baby. It was actually Holden's. Phil's sperms are actually not fertile as he smoked weed for most his life. Holden began following Justine and he asked her to run away with him. Justine was so frustrated that she even went to the extent of trying to poison him. But she chickened out in the end. But Holden robbed a bank so that they have enough money to start a new life together. He told her to meet him at the motel where they usually 'did it'. Justine had to make a decision. In the end, she told the police where Holden was waiting for her. And she told Phil about all her secrets. Phil beat her up and after that apologised to her 'cos he didn't know how to express his anger. He so poor thing, lah, actually. While Holden shot himself at the motel when he found out that Justine told the police of his whereabouts.

The End.

I almost DIED watching that movie!! It was SO sad. Not the nice kind of sad that makes you feel for the characters. It's the sad that just brings down your mood. I ended up sleeping with the feeling like life is hopeless and stuff. Horrible. DO NOT WATCH that movie!!

Anyways, I'm just hours away from the Monday from hell. Here are the pictures I promised!! Enjoy! It's hilarious!!

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THE STORYTELLERS!! They're so cute, lah! =P

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Me and my stage husband!! He's the Spokesperson for the KFC Bandito burrito. Hahaha!

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Priya the Virus

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Mother scolding my daughter!!

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Hahahaha! Hilarious, right?! Oopsie, I have to go and get ready for the birthday thinger.

Good luck for Monday, people! =)

Perfection is every moment with you...

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