School Stinks

6:42 PM

First and formost,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ABDUL HALIM!!! And I hope you enjoyed your day today... =)

Saturdays are officially the best days of the week for me! The only thing that makes my week worthwhile are my Saturdays, in which I refuse to do anything related with school work and just have the slackiest day ever. I do nothing except have fun and go out. And Saturdays are what gets me through the legal torture system called 'School'. You see, they can't touch Saturdays, man! Noooo way! And it's because of that, Saturdays are always filled so much fun and laughter for me. I have no idea what Saturdays have in store for me, since it's always so spontaneous.

Anyway, peeps, Valentine's Day is coming very soon... And so are the FREAKING Ca1s. Seriously, I think the school's SOLE purpose is to ruin every single great day we have planned with homework, remedials and phonetic classes. And let me just say, school hasn't been very pleasant with a certain new teacher in Anderson who think that he/she is da' Bomb or somthing. Evethough he/she is as big as a nuclear bomb, he/she isn't really as powerful. But he/she certianly ACTS like he/she is! And that is what really gets me ticked. I mean, does he/she HAS to be so sarcastic, rude and vulgar about things. You don't KNOW the rules, you don't the school and you DON'T know us!! So DON'T try and tell us what to do just because you have some degree, just because you're our teacher. You have to EARN our respect and currently, you aren't earning very many.

On the bright side, there's another new teacher who has been so far one of the coolest teachers in Anderson Secondary school. Too bad he's a substitute. His name is Mr Wayne Ong and he's the substitute for our Math teacher Mdm Wong. At first, I thought he looked like some Korean Actor with his smooth skin and korean-y face. He was also VERY lame and is abit goofy. But let me tell you, he totally ROCKS!! Why?? 'Cos he doesn't JUST teach math. He teaches DANCE as well! In fact, he's planning to go to a university in the US to study Biology and Dance. How tooootally cool is that??! What's even cooler is that after each Math lesson, after he finishes teaching all that he needed to teach, he would teach 4/6 a little thing or two about dancing. He even taught us the history of Dance, it's genres and even lists down all the moves he plans to teach us. And TRUST me, thsi makes me pay a WHOLE lot more attention in Math class than I ever have in my entire secondary life. (Except for maybe some of Ms Leow's lesson). So far, he taught us...
1) The Wave
2) The Lock
3) The Twirl
4) The Point
5) Differentation
6) Statistics

The last two are math topics but I understand those, surprisingly. I find his lessons are MUCH easier to understand than Mdm Wong's chim teaching style. And y'all know how much I LOVE dance!! It's so sad that he's not teaching for good. So we only have like three weeks of dance lessons/math lessons. Then, it's back to dreary same old math lessons.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Down With Love on channel 5 now. Talk to y'all later.

A kiss and I will surrender...

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