I'm bringing sexy back

5:02 PM

Almost laughed my head off after I saw this scene in a sport shop. I dunno why but sport shops seem to be the most happening place to see all these funny little families making a scene. Like this asian girl speaking in the most ridiculous British accent I have EVER heard. It was simply hilarious. So much so that even my mum got in the action and we made a little British scene of our own. but that was ages ago. This time was EVEN more hilarious than the other. I was looking at the nice shirts they had at Sportslink. There was this dad who bought something for his son. I didn't know exactly what he bought 'cos I wasn't paying attention then (but of course, I found out later). The son immediately put it on. It turned out to be this head band thing that you use for gym and stuff. Like the ones that those NBA use on their heads. Right it was this red thing but I swear the boy's face was turning red too! He went up to his dad who just finished paying.
Boy: Papa! The head band you buy very tight, eh...
At this point the father gave his son the most exasperated look ever. He then ripped off the band from his son's head and said calmly but in a really hilarious way,
Father: That's because it's a WRIST band!
Boy: Oh... *sheepish*

I couldn't help but snicker abit. The way the boy said it was SOO innocent. Super hilarious, lah! Even the cashier giggled as well. I couldn't help but feel for the little dude 'cos he looked like he was gonna grow up to be someone like me. All klutzy without knowing. Hahaha!

Anyway, I thought I should share this with all my peeps. You guys should all go to this site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJMgVIwJFAM for the SexyBack dance that I've been talking alot about. Yes, Diy! I have learnt the steps. I teach you in school, yea?! Alrighty! Even if you're not a fan of dancing, this clip will BLOW your MIND!!! Watch it! Seriously! I can't post it here 'cos the codes thingy isn't posted. However, some of the others are not. Here are other clips from So You Think You can Dance. Just for your viewing pleasure........

OH MY GODD!!! I CANNOT STAND all these FREAKY-DEAKY codes!! They are driving me INSANE!!! What's up with all these ERRORS?!! It's the 21st CENTURY for pete's sake!! Couldn't the bloody computer AUTOMATICALLY mend those so-called ERRORS?!!! SHEESH!!! I tell you, Blogger sometimes can really, REALLY get on my nerves!! I had the whole post planned out and perfect and BAM!! This thingy and my OBVIOUS handicap for anything associated to technology HAS to ruin it!! GOSH! Why am I so technically retarded?!

Okay... Sorry about that outburst. It's just that I had this whole post all planned out and stuff but something just had to go wrong. Andyway, I suppose I could just give y'all the sites. Sorry for the inconvenience. You don't have to go and see the things if ou don't wanna. Though I highly recommend that you do.


That above is an R&B hip hop dance done by Allison and Ivan. Super sweet and smooth. One day, I'll get a partner and learn it!


And this last one is a contemporary dance that will leave you crying. They are my favourite dancers in the entire competition, Travis and Heidi.

Anyway, I realize that this post is kindda weird but nevermind, lah. Sometimes, things just don't turn out the way you planned. And I may going through some weird dance-y stage in life but I'm beginning to really have a passion for it! Hahaha! Or maybe it's just a whole lot of fun! =P

I hope the next week won't kill us! =) Good luck, peeps!

He makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,
With just one touch
And I erupt like a volcano I cover him with my love

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