Mak Saleh Oral

6:10 PM

Sorry I haven't been updating. All my time for blogging has been used up with online Math homework posted by Mdm Wong at portal. And so, I haven't been able to blog lately and to tell you the truth, I've been kindda lazy to blog. Not that oit really matters, lah but nevermind. Anyway, I suppose I should be talking about The Sec One Orientation yesterday but again, I just don't feel like it. Mostly 'cos yesterday happened to be a real roller coaster of emotions and by the end of the day, I never want to think or talk about it. PLUS, I've been having weird nightmares (yes, THOSE ones, Diyanah!) which have been keeping me up on a few nights. But today, things got much, much better. =)

Anyway, I've promised this to Diyanah and so I'm gonna post it. So that she can watch it anytime she wants. I'm sorry if some of you may not understand it. You see, I wrote this skit just before the Malay Oral started and I was damn nervous. This is usually the time of my life when I am all wonky and nonsensical. Hence, this explains the complete lameness and weirdness of this following skit. It was how I imagined my Malay Oral could've turned out. OBVIOUSLY, it didn't happen that way but here it is:

Mak Saleh Oral
Student: Yo, yo, yo! Whassup! How're things going DOWN, y'all?!
Teacher: Err... Ya, selamat petang. Sila duduk.
Student: Te-ri-ma kasih, dude!
Teacher: Okay... Sekarang tolong huraikan pengaruh gaya hidup... AAAARGH!!! *student tries makes a grab for Teacher's chest*
Teacher: Apa yang kamu mahu buat ni?!!
Student: Yo, chill! Saya mahu 'touch your heart', yeah?! Make you cry, yo!
Teacher: Kalau kamu 'touch' apa-apa lagi, saya tentu akan menangis! Jangan TOUCH apa-apa!! Faham?
Student: Okay, okay! Chill!
Teacher: *sighs* Sekarang tolong huraikan pengaruh gaya hidup Barat kepada golongan remaja pada zaman kini.
Student: Oh, yeah! Negara Barat is like so me, man!
Teacher: Tolong jangan bertutur dalam bahasa Ingerris. Ini lisan bahasa Melayu. Bukan lisan Inggeris.
Student: Okay, fine! Negara Barat is like SO saya, man!
Teacher: Astaga! Bukan macam gitu! *annoyed*
Student: *confused* Dude, who the hell is Astaga??
Teacher: SUDAH!! Saya tidak boleh tahan lagi perangai kamu yang merepek ini! Tolong pergi sekarang juga!
Student: Jeez, FINE!! It's not I want to be here anyway! *stands up to leave*
Teacher: Anak bahlul!
Student: Yeah, I know I'm cool...

Told you it's weird. Both of us laughed like crap reading this nonsense. And it helped us get through the whole nervousness of the Malay Oral. (Diy, I may have changed it abit 'cos I kindda lost the paper. But if I missed anything, pls tell me, yea? Thanks!) Anyway, I'm off to learn the dance steps to Michael Jackson's music video 'Bad' and 'Thriller'. And later on, learning the steps to SexyBack in So you Think You Can Dance! Wish me luck!

Later, y'all!

Give me a shot to remember,
And you can take all the pain away from me.
A kiss and I will surrender;
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