The Rebel

5:51 PM

I am such a rebel! Pronounced as "ree-bell", by the way, just so you know. Okay, maybe I'm not actually a REAL hardcore, wanna-kick-some-ass thype of rebel but what I meant is that I have finally reached a stage in my teenage-hood where I get to make MY own decisions and MY own choices and the best thing is that my parents can't really say much about it. I've had to encounter some of these things these past few days and I am really being firm about things. So, let me just say, if your parents are reasonable (even if they aren't really), they'll eventually have to acknowledge my opinions and views. Respect comes with age, as they say.

Anyway, enough of that new age crap. I suppose the week could have ended better and my Saturday should be more eventful than this, but compared the past weeks, I suppose this week wasn't too bad in my standards. Also, many good things have happened to me lately and I am hoping that this is a sign that things are getting better. Also, I know that this doesn't mean anything to y'all but to me it does: The SUN has FINALLY shined!! And it's been shining pretty hard lately. Not that I'm complaining. I love the sun and it can shine all it wants. Sure, it may get a bit too hot sometimes, and a light shower would be nice. But so far, the weather's been pretty good! All sunny and windy. I love it, man! =)

And this weather is especially good for growing plants! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me introduce you to our dear, dear... PIROLLEI
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That, my friends, is a Chiku. Don't ask my why or how. 'Cos I was abit confused too. I've always thought a chiku to be some sort of fruit. But Mrs Alisson Lim says it's a chiku so, it has to be, right? Anyway, he is our new Bio project. Each team is assigned a chiku and we have to give it tender loving care and see which team's chiku grew the most. My team members are Keetha, Gaya, Shamini, Diyanah and me. And of course, we decided to name the plant! How else would we show our love for this plant, if just call it an 'IT'! There was a 'P' marked in front of the container in permenant marker and so, Shamini thought we should name it after her French Teacher, Mr Pirollei (I don't really know how to spell it). We all agreed. Somehow it just fit the plant perfectly. And with the tender loving care of FIVE hot ladys, Pirollei HAS to grow well! Hahaha! Just another one of those simple things in life that make me smile.

Speaking of smiling, I have another reason to smile this week. What is it, you may ask?? It's none other than... ASHLEIGH!!! Yayy! Okay, don't start getting the wrong idea. I haven't gone astray' or anything. I'm still straight and normal. What I meant is that I've FINALLY gotten a NEW phone!! *does happy dance* Oooooh, yeah! *does the wave* Okay, I should stop. I should contain my excitement. I have to admit though. It wasn't the phone I wanted. I wanted the LG Chocolate. But my mum wouldn't hear of it. She says it's too expensive and that the money isn't worth the phone. She just says that it looks good but it's functions stink. I beg to differ! It has relatively good functions, okay! But in the end, she really wouldn't budge even after three days of me begging and going on my knees and whimpering. So, my mum got me a Nokia 6288. Yes, the phone that everybody in the whole of Singapore has! And practically every Andersonian own. Hehehe! =P It's true though. Loads of people got it. And I wasn't too thrilled about getting it. However, I now can safely say that I don't regret getting Ashliegh (my WHITE Nokia 6288). Sure, I may see duplicates of her everywhere, but I know that she's a great phone. Her functions are really cool and I've never had an mp3/camera phone before. It's really something special for me. And I doubt that many people name their phones, so to me, there is only ONE Ashleigh.

If you're wondering WHY I always seem to name non-living things and random objects, I must assure you, it's not some weird mental issue I have. It's just a habit that started since I was young. I have always named things that are very special and are very important to me. It started with my soft toys when I was young. Then, my beloved Tennis racket (Brad)... Then, my mp3 player (Logan). I have named plants and now, I'm naming my first ever cool phone. I realized that I've named so many of my things after dudes, I decided it's time I get a girl. My white phone fits Ashleigh so well anyway.

Besides, getting a great phone this week, I also got my O'Level Mother Tongue results back yesterday. Everyone's been really nervous about this. And I know that I should be one of them, but honestly speaking, I wasn't. I'm a freak, lah! I don't feel nervousness until minutes before the moment of truth. It's the same for acting in plays and it's the same for getting results. But it ISN'T the same for doing the exam. So, I only felt the HUGE pangs of nervousness as I sat down in the AVT. I was praying to God, "Pleeeease, pleeeease let me get B3. Don't let me get C5. Please! I can't drop HMT!!" I was close to tears, lah. Diyanah was practically going to faint at any moment. Then, Cikgu Asnah made her speech, in her speech highlighting me as one of the weakest students in class and in my heart I was thinking, "Damnit, Damnit!! It's ME!! I got the C5!! Noooooo!". I was crushed. So, then, she took the first certificate and called my name (apparently, it was arranged in register number from the back). She went, "Sharifah Hanan... A2" and I almost DIED of shock! I already stood up automatically when she called my name and was stunned when I heard what she said. The whole class was cheering. And I just blinked and took the paper from Cikgu Asnah. I couldn't BELIEVE it!! It took sometime for me to regain my conciousness and start cheering for all my other friends who all did so well. Dinah MZ (who have tortured me for THREE years with her complaints of how she TOTALLY stinks in Malay. hehehehe!) got an A1!!! Shahidah too! And Diyanah was so relieved when she got a B3! I gave her a pat on the back 'cos I knew how she felt.

We met up with our drama seniors who did UNBELIEVABLY well! Most of them got 7 points, 6 points! I'm like WHOA!! Our drama seniors are geniuses, lah!! We were screaming and cheering with them. It was great. I hope next year, that will be me cheering and creaming as well. After that, some of us went out to celebrate at J8. We just talked and slacked and I helped Dinah Bee pick out her Valentine's gift. However, the day ended badly with this event that happened at home. But still... I already talked about this at the start of my post and now, it is of no concern to me.

They walk on the beach
hand in hand;
The sun beating down
upon the sand,
The wind blows lightly
as he pulls her close,
Their eyes meet and welcome love's ghost.
Together they sit star-crossed lovers,
as a small white cloud over them hovers.

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