The Rap Group from 4/6

5:09 PM

It's been a quiet Sunday for me. I'm really looking forward to watching Italian Job later on Channel 5. I've never watched it before but from what I heard, it's like some awesome, kick-ass movie. So, I'm really excited that I'll finally get to see it. AND you may not know this, people, but the lead actor, Mark Wahlberg, has the SAME birthdate as ME!! Which just proves, what a wonderful number number 5 is and what an awesome month June is. It ALSO proves that hot people are born on the 5th of June! Just thought I should let you people know... Hahaha! =P

Anyway, I thought I owe to everyone to explain why sometimes I tag with the alias 'She-Diddy'. Okay, actually, I don't really feel that, lah. I just don't have anything to blog about today and I have itchy fingers to type something out and just so happens that I'm desperate for something to talk about. So, this post is kindda pointless. I understand if you don't wish to read from this point onwards. But I'm NOT gonna stop typing from this point...

Right, so about the weird names. I'm sure everyone experiences the once in while, SUPER boring lessons. Y'know, the ones that are SO boring that if you don't do something, ANYTHING to keep you awake (eg, talking, playing hangman, making up weird hand-shakes, etc), you'd most DEFINITELY fall asleep. Yeah, in those situations, Keetha, Gaya, Diyanah, Shamini and I are always cooking up something really cool in our opinion but otherwise in OTHER opinions. If you get what I mean. But it's not like we care, lah! We're always spasing in class and having a BLAST doing it! And so, one day, we decided to turn our group into some sort of Hip-Hop rap cult. Just for the fun of it, 'cos Diyanah wasn't really into hip-hop but just thought that it'd be fun. We then got our creative juices churning, and made 'bad-ass' Rap names for each other. It was SOOO much fun and TONS of laughs! Some of the names we came up for each other would have been a DISGRACE to the hip-hop society. But we finally made some decent ones and made then official with an official hip-hop hand-shake with some hip-hop moves we learnt from Mr Ong infused inside the shake. And hence, ALAS!! A RAP/HIP-HOP cult was BORN!! Here are the official members:-

1) K-Dogg - Keetha (Indian sister of Snoop Dogg. She moved to Singapore to get away from her brother's drug obsession. Can't you see the family resemblance?? Both are so tall and skinny! Hahaha! =P)

2) D-Zy - Diyanah (Not related to Jay-Z. She's just dizzy alot, after drinking all those bottles of Bundaberg Lemon-Lime Bitters.)

3) Shamillionaire - Shamini (She's not as rich as Chamillionaire though... Like by ALOT. But luckily, she's also not as ugly as the dude... Like by ALOT more!)

4) G3 - Gayathri (Y'all have heard of D12, right?? Well, they're a rap group but Gaya packs more punch than ALL those dudes put together! So, Gaya can carry the name of G3)

5) She-Diddy - Sharifah (There's P-Diddy and he's a He-Diddy but I think it's about time the world sees a She-Diddy. And she comes in the magnificent form of Sharifah! Hahahaa! =P)

And there you go! I know that rap groups should look cooler than us. But you may not know this, we happen to be really COOL people!! Sure, I may fall on my face loads of times and Keetha may drop her phone 300 thousand times a day and Shamini may not EXACTLY have the voice of rapper and Gaya may be a councillor (rappers are usually bad dudes) and Diyanah's a rock chick... I think we can make a decent (if not MORE than decent) Rap Group!! Wooh!

Peace Out, my peeps!

With you, all my pain ebbs so fast,
You are my Salonpas!!

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