Flag Day

7:38 PM

The week was SUPPOSED to be a short one. I mean, after all, we only had like what? THREE days of school? And it feels soooo much longer than THIRTY days! Maybe it's 'cos of all the test thats all crammed together in those three days. I guess I could talk about the tests I had but I am really not in the mood for that. In fact, it would be REALLY be convenient if I could just ERASE them from my memory. Unfortunately, my short term memory isn't as severe as that.

Wooh! Speaking of short term memory, I got to go to the beach on Tuesday this week! (I just realized that there was no conection between those two things I just mentioned. But let me tell you people that it only SEEMS like there is no connection between the beach and short term memory, in reality, there really is! Like when I told Benjamin that he needed a councellor or a cup of Starbucks coffee if he was getting too depressed. He laughed and said that there was NO connection. I'm like HELLO?! Can you not SEE it?!) It was so much fun. We went to Siloso Beach (which in my opinion is the ONLY decent beach in the whole of Singapore). Even though I had sand in my butt and got lost while searching for the toilet, it was a perfectly perfect day! And I was wishing that time would stand still 'cos it was so, sooo perfect!

Anyway, on Friday, Jenny and I FINALLY mastered the 'SexyBack' dance!! Yayy!! We look so, super, massively cool! I can't wait to teach everyone else. Ouh, and then, the next day, which is today, 4/6 had their Flag Day. Usually, I'm not really into Flag Day. Actually, to be honest, I think of Flag Day as Doom's Day. But NO MORE!! I have improved from last year's pathetic collection. Alamak! I'm running out of time. Okay, to save time, I'm just gonna list down some stuff that happened:
1) I've finally got the 'asking-people-for-donations' thing down. I used to really suck at it. But this year, I've finally cracked the secret! And my tin this year was much heavier!

2) The curse strikes again and our plans for after the Flag Day was once again (surprise, surprise) cancelled. A whole group of us was supposed to go watch a movie, Dreamgirls, after Flag Day. It was supposed to be tons of fun. We were gonna eat lunch together, watch the movie, laugh and talk... This whole big group of us, all having fun. Jen and I told everyone the plan a week ago just in case. But the Curse strikes again and people backed out and things came up and BAM!! It's cancelled. To be honest, I was really bummed 'cos the thought of the movie and going out with all my friends was what really got me through all those rough times this week (especially after the tests). But Keetha and I spased the afternoon away and things got better 'cos I got to go out and meet someone in the end. =)

3) Keetha, Gaya and I splurged abit at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves. I got my FAVOURITE indulgent drink of ALL-TIME (better than green tea, better than water, better than Pepsi, EVEN better than the Ice Lemon Tea at Ya Kun Kaya) ... a nice tall glass of... Belgian Chocolate Latte!! *drools* It was soooooo good... Like ORGASMIC!! *Salonpas face* Aaah! I love that stuff!

4) I got to play Time Crisis 3. I think I'm getting addicted! Gosh, I hope not... (By the way, Keetha, we HAVE to play a match together. We'll SO kick-butt!!)

Sure, things didn't really go as I had hoped, but I guess it wasn't too bad.

We walked along the shores of time,
Our life together so sublime.
You took my hand and I took yours
And together we danced along those shores.
The moon was shimmering, so clear and blue;
It was that moment when I first saw you.

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