Tired of... everything

6:20 PM

I am SUCH a horrible klutz! Seriously! These days, it's just a little bit more than usual. Which really makes me So, So frustrated with myself. I'll forget little things like umbrellas which I was holding in my hands like 2 mins ago. I put it down for like 2 secs and POW! I forgot to bring it along. Everyone knows I stumble alot. But this week, I must've broke a record or something. I'm stumbling and losing my balance and tipping over like some drunk dude after twenty shots of taquila. At escalators, in the mrt, on pavements... Oh, gosh! I dunno WHAT is wrong with my really. And today was possibly one of my most weirdest, klutzy day ever.

Today was the CCA Open House 2007. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow when I get them from my 'sources'. But the 'highlight' of the day was topping up my EZ-link card twice! You see, I forgot that I topped up my card yesterday. So when I asked my mum to replace my 5 bucks, I just chucked the dollar in my wallet. Then on my way back, at Ang Mo kio mrt station, I TOTALLY forgot that I topped up my card ALREADY! So, I happily went to the counter and topped up my card. Completely forgetting that that was my lunch money and that I will be left with ZERO dollars for the rest of the day. How SMART is that?! Tell me?! There are afew other things that happened during the day but I think I'll elaborate on the CCA Open House tomorrow. Actually, this post is completely unnecessary. I just needed to empty my mind. I suppose it's because this week is especially draining for me. I come home late and actually, I don't mind THAT part about the week. 'Cos y'all know that I love going out, no matter where and for what. But the fact that I have so much homework and stuff to think about. AND there're the Mastery Tests next week!! I had NO idea about it until like yesterday! Too many things on my mind and I have never felt so tired in my entire life. The moment I get home, I'll feel SO sleepy and tired that I'll fall asleep before 10pm. Even WHILE I'm doing my homework sometimes. Come to think of it, it's pretty funny. Sleeping on the desk and all!

It's been a super, super, SUPER draining week and I just want some time for myself. Some time to relax and have fun, escape from all those things that I've been obsessing about. Most of all, I just want enough sleep. Anyway, it's been rainy for so long and I missed the sun so much. I've been going to school with layers and layers of clothes on me, trying to keep warm. And today afternoon, I saw the sun... And he made me smile! I've missed the sun sooooo much! I sat there quietly with someone special as I basked in the soft sun while a soft breeze blew. It was perfect... It was bright and sunny but cold and breezy at the same time. I felt so happy...

Hello, Sun! I missed you... =)

Let the tears flood in my heart, but never in my eyes;
And pray that it will wash away this feeling I despise...

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