School reopened

5:45 PM

Well, school has started and ... Wait, oh, right! It was only like, what? THREE days of school!! It seriously feels longer than that. It feels like there was no holiday in the first place. As if three days ago was the last day of school and BAM!! School reopened again! Hahaha! Maybe it's 'cos I already have a ridiculous amount of work for the first week of school. I mean, yeah, I'm in sec 4 and all and I school be prepared for a WORLD OF PAIN this year. But I never knew the 'World Of Pain' begins in the second day of school onwards.

I found out most of my subject teachers. Can't say I'm psyched about anything... except for maybe Bio 'cos our class was lucky enough to get Mrs Allison Lim who has this great reputation in Anderson and so far, she has lived up to it. And maybe Mother Tongue 'cos we got Cikgu Asnah who may be a tad bit terrifying sometimes, but is actually a fantastic teacher and really drills malay stuff into our brains. Other than that, I realized that this year 4/6 has got most of the strict teachers. As in, those who takes their subject super seriously and all. We have Mrs Pat Goh for Chem, Mdm Wong for Math (we definitely can't slack in that class anymore!), Mr NEo for Social Studies and Mdm Neo for my Geog Elect. Mdm Neo also happens to be our form teacher... I'm not gonna say much about her but only that it's gonna be really tough for her to live up to our last form teacher, Ms Leow. I really miss her this year.

Another development, Mrs Sally Lee has left out school and this new teacher is sort of taking her place in ATC. This new teacher is also my Band 1 English teacher. Won't say anything about her too 'cos I haven't really got to know her. But I'm sure, Mrs Lee isn't really 'leaving' ATC. She'll come back to check up on us.

Okay, about the homework thing. I must say I've had quite a lot and I have this baaaaaad feeling that the pile will only increase. Naturally. Anyway, I'm not gonna preach about school. That would just be depressing. But I suppose I should get all this depressign stuff out my system first. SYF is THIS year!! It's just RIGHT around the corner and I don't think that ATC is very serious this year. I am SO terrified that we won't have enough time. I mean, right now, we don't have a really solid script with and ending. We have just finished our auditions and news of the casting has yet to be released. (The casting was done ages ago the last SYF. And we had like character study and all that.) Preparation of props (which are essential this year) have just begun and I feel for all those people in charge of props. They're gonna have to work really hard. I just so worried, right now. I'm not sure if we can achieve Gold with Honours again. I know winning isn't the main point of SYF, it's about making an impact and blahblahblah... But I think the Gold is VERY important to ATC. It's the standard of our art, our work. We take pride in being the best. And if we drop to a Silver or something... I dunno. I'll just feel so, so, so awful. Really awful.

Phew, I'm glad I got that out of my system. My weekends was mostly filled with me doing homework. I was supposed to go KL but I doubt I would be able to get anything done if I went. So, my weekend was dismal. Didn't go out or anything... sadly. BUT I did go to the gym today. I decided to get off my butt and start on that new year resolution. I went by myself though. Wasn't as fun but I thought that having some Me-Time wasn't too bad. I got to sit and think of stuff and relax. After working out that is. Okay, okay... I wanna stop blogging now. But not before I reply to Dinah's sweet message...

To Dinah MZ,

To me, I think we haven't drifted apart or anything like that. 'Cos if I ever need to talk to anyone, I know you'll be there for me. You are still the person I feel most comfortable talking to whe it comes to confessions and that sort of thing. Yes, I remember those days at Ya Kun, pouring our hearts out. Remember the 'crumbs' comment! And how frustrated you were at all the crumbs of toast on your skirt! You were hilarious, lah! And trust me, if there was any ground-breaking news about me, you'd be the first to know. Like June, y'know? You are my thoughtwave partner and I have yet to find anyone who can read my mind as well as you have. Weird, huh?! I love how we can just look at each other and KNOW what each other are thinking. Even if we are in different classes and all, you're still my best friend. Nothing will ever change that. Thanks for being such a great friend and my fellow Neoprint model! Hahaha!

Lot of Love,
Sharifah =)

Somedays I feel broke inside but I won't admit;
Sometimes I just want to hide 'cos it's you I miss...

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