Missed my chance

6:20 PM

Well... I didn't go to the Exhibition. I woke up kindda ill this morning and the day was exceptionally cold. My head felt like it's been stuffed with gigantic balls of cotton. I was light-headed but my head felt heavy. Okay, not making sense right now but the bottom line is that I didn't go today and tomorrow's the last day. But I obviously can't go 'cos the entrance fee would be too expensive since it's Christmas Day and all. As you can see, I am very bummed about this. But, it's just an exhibition of drop-dead gorgeous flowers from all over the world. So, I'll get over it.

Aargh! Homework is yet to be done. So dead right now. But I DON'T wanna talk about it! So moving on...

Can't wait for tonight, Channel 5 is showing the movie 'Love Actually' on 10pm. I'm really looking forward to it. I heard it's really sweet. Anyway, I guess I'll blog next time... I really don't feel up to it today.

It seems like I know when you're here,
Then I look and see nothing more,
Than the air to which I adhere,
My tears fall to the floor.

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