The Curse

6:30 PM

It's the CURSE!! The stupid, freakin' curse!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me tell all about it. You see, I am cursed. Yes, not kidding. Apparently, everything and anything that I plan (especially events and parties and such) will all end up in disaster. Okay, not really in like COMPLETE disaster, but what I mean, is that something is just BOUND to go wrong. Like people cancelling all at once last minute, maybe even a day before the event itself. Or miscommunication of dates and times, causing massive confusion and people to cancell. Or just recently, floods and leaking basements. Whatever it is, SOMETHING just HAS to go wrong. It's really such a shame 'cos I have SO many cool ideas and fun stuff that we could do. But the curse ALWAYS causes my brilliant plans to be mere 'what-if's, things that could have been but never been.

Wah, wah! Super emo, right now! I just realized it. I dunno why, lah! Must be this cold I'm having. Making me all wonky and not thinking staright. Today was supposed to be Jen's Big Party which I helped to plan. So, due to the Curse, naturally something went wrong. In fact, loads of things went wrong. Her basement was leaking badly due to the rain (why am I NOT surprised?!) and she has to re-make a whole wall or something! Poor thing, lah! And since we planned EVERYTHING according to her basement (like the games and the deco and everything), we were left with scratch. Then, one by one, people started cancelling (still NOT surprised!) and we were down to FIVE people. So, in the end, we went to Halim's house to do this Movie marathon thing. But we all had curfews. Still, we could've watched a few movies. We ended up playing foozball instead! We watched You, Me and Dupree and then Priya, Jenny and I played foozball for most of the day while Taufiq and Halim played football on X-box. Jenny got SUPER pro at foozball, lah! Priya was the Top-scorer...for BOTH teams 'cos she kept scoring own-goals and we would all burst out in laughter! And I was the one who's just trying not to screw up! And I kept saying, "Waaait! Waaaait!" as if the opponent would listen to me! Hahaha!

All in all, it was better than expected. I had great fun and Halim's parents were super nice to order pizza for us! So nice of them! =)

Anyway, the Singapore Garden Exhibition thing is gonna close tomorrow!!! And I still have YET to visit it! My mum went there already and she told me that it was FABULOUS!!! I HAVE to go and see it! Maybe, I'll go tomorrow... Or else, I'll regret it, lah! Jeez! Why must christmas come SO quick?! And I've been a teeeeeeeeny bit unwell but no matter!! I WILL go there!

Missing you...

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