Back from Batam

3:39 PM

Guess who's back? Back again? Sharifah's back! Tell her friends!!

Hahaha! Anyway, I'm back from Batam already and I'm back in rainy, rainy Singapore! I have loads of weird stories to tell y'all but just thought I should let the people know (especially Dinah) that making a list of food you want to eat overseas is NOT, and I repeat NOT weird!! =P I'm just being organised! Hehehe! But I managed to eat ALL of the food listed on my list. So, you can just imagine how much weight I've put on over the holidays. Let me tell you, it's MASSIVE!!

Practically one more week till the school reopens. I am SUPER sad bout that. I mean, this holiday have been FAR from satisfactory and rarely great due to the rain spoiling all my plans. BUT school spells impending doom for me. What with Mastery Tests which I have yet to study, handing in of homeworks filled with blanks (questions which I have NO idea how to answer) and new teachers. The ONLY good thing about school is allowance (which has been cut off during the hols) and maybe the fact that my mum will let me go out more since school already takes up most of my time. Plus, the after-school games of Stress. But other than that, tackling new topics in Math and the upcoming O'levels don't sound too inviting for me. Oh, and I've been DYING to go for this Singapore Garden Exhibition at the Suntec Convention Hall!!! I heard that the place is GORGEOUS, filled with exotic flowers and many different rooms and themes and stuff. There's an entrance fee but I think that it's worth it since you probably won't get to see something like this Singapore again. 'Cos you see, the exhibition ends on Chritsmas Day. SO, I have to go there SOON!!!

About Batam, loads of stuff to say but not really in the mood to go on and on about things right now. But just wanted to mention that Batam has the most ENORMOUS cockroaches IN THE WORLD!!! I swear! They were the length from my index finger to my thumb!! I didn't really notice it at first 'cos my first night there was relatively cockroach-free. But the next day, it rained a little and then, I was riding on this van, on our way home to my Uncle's place. We drove past this wall near a drain and I could make out this huge cluster of black stuff on the wall, coming out of the drain. I almost FAINTED when I realized that they were ALL huge cockroaches clustering and crawling all over the wall and spilling from the drains! I also accidentally let out a loud scream in the van. Everyone else laughed at me 'cos to them cockroaches are like normal and my mum and sis aren't the creeped out type. I was quiet the rest of the ride, until we got down from the van. Turns out, my Uncle's house was right in front of a giant drain and giant cockroaches were spilling out of the drains and crawling on the road/pavement to my Uncle's House. I was practically dancing around, trying to dodge the many, many cockroaches everywhere and yelping like some wimp while everyone else were just laughing at me. Ah, well! Used to it, lah! I suppose it would've been a funny scene. But seriously, they were HORRID!!! I could barely go to the toilet 'cos there was always two or three lurking in there, ready to pounce at me and disgust me to death. I had to arm myself with pesticide throughout the rest of my stay there.

Oh, yeah, and I bought new Converse shoes at this mall! Super nice! =) Okay, that's all for now. I'll talk more next time.

I wonder when
I will see you again

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