I'm leaving on a... Ferry!

2:03 PM

This Friday and all throughout the weekend, I'm gonna be off to Batam to meet up with my grandparents (on my mum's side). I'm so excited!!!! Yayness!! I'm bummed that I can't celebrate this special occasion on one of those days BUT, things have kindda worked out and I am MUCHO, MUUUUUUCHO psyched! In fact, I have made a whole list of food which I am planning to eat there (you can't get those food here in Sinagpore, no matter HOW multi-racial this country is!). Abit weird but, I had some free time. Hahaha! Also, I can't wait to meet my favourite grandmother and climb my favourite mango tree in her backyard!! Not to mention, SHOPPING!! Things there are loads cheaper, everyone knows that. I need to get away from reality (aka Singapore) for awhile anyways. I'm sure I'll be all refreshed by the time I get back here. It's only three days anyway! Wooooooooooooo, I'm SUPER excited!! Can't wait!

That's all I can say 'cos my mum doesn't really know that I'm typing this. She's out of the house right now! Hahaha! I'm such a daredevil! =P

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