The 100th Entry

4:33 PM

Wooooo, people, people! Attention, people! I have a very important announcement to make! *ehem, ehem* This post right here, will be y 100th POST!! *cue a roaring applause* Thank you, thank you, everyone! I wanna thank Dinah MZ for inspiring me to blog, my friends and family (eventhough they don't like me blogging), special mention to ...

Okay! Hahahaha!! You guys didn't really think that I was gonna go on and on with a thank you speech, did you?! I know that most of you won't think that it would be a big deal but to me, it kindda is something. 'Cos you see, I wasn't even INTO blogging since last year and I don't know nuts about it! Even now, I am horrible with all the codes and stuff. This is probably why my blog is utterly boring, design-wise. I mean, no music videos or updated links list or even an impressive tagboard. It's seriously backdated. But I take pride in this blog, no matter how irrelevant my posts are 'cos you see, I can only blog like twice a week at most. My mum has this house rule on usage of computers. SO, I think it's quite an achievement that I've written this much already! Kudos to me, man! Hahaha!

Alrighty, I know that this is the 100th post and I know that I should be preparing this special entry. But I have nothing on me right now. I'm just gonna narrate some stuff that happened afew days ago. Like on Wednesday, I went out with Dinah MZ (after a long time! Missed you, girl!), Taufiq and Suffian. (My grounding sentence had expired! Hehehee!) Where you may ask?? To none other than Viva La Vivo City!! I can never get bored of that place. Seriously. And no more getting lost for ME! I now know Vivo like tha back of hand! I've been there only a ouple of times but when it comes to shopping malls, I usually pick up fast. (Wish I can say the same thing about Math) Dinah's been there a few times but Taufiq and Suffian hasn't even been there once!! Imagine my shock! It's THE place to check out right now! Anyway, I was ready to guide them and educate them. =P

Dinah and Taufiq came a tad bit late. I was wearing my B.U.M shirt with jeans. (You know it's awesome, Dinah! Don't deny it! Hahahaha! =P) And so, I was looking around for them at the Mrt station. When I saw these two figures coming at me. I wasn't really paying attention 'cos I was focusing on what's beyond them. The two figures were wearing black and they sort of looked like those Goth cult people so, I just ignored them. Inagine my shock when I actually looked at them properly, they turned out to Dinah and Taufiq! I immediately started laughing my head off. 'Cos we looked so ridiculous! You see, I was wearing black and jeans as well!! And when we stood together while waiting for Suffian, we looked like some black cult. Dinah was wearing a black top with the EXACT same jeans as me! And Taufiq was wearing this black shirt and a black flannel buttoned top on it with jeans. I thought we looked cool! (Looking on the bright side here) Anyway, Dinah and I already made a deal that we'll consultor clothing of choice before going out so that something like this won't happen again! It was hilarious!

We waited for Suffian for more than an hour and I was relieved that he wasn't clad in black 'cos that would make us look retarded. We went to Vivo City and walked around on the sparkly floors. We took tons of pictures too! I won't say that I'm bragging or anything but I happen to be amazing with the camera! As in taking pictures-wise! What can I say? I have the magic touch! Hahahahaha!! If y'all wanna check out the pictures, go on to Dinah MZ's blog. All of them are there! =) But here are my favourites!

Yesterday, most of ATC went to watch the play Jack & the Beansprout at the Drama Centre in the National Library. I have to admit, Bugis is one of my most favourite places in Singapore and I used to hang out there alot. SO, my sense of direction is majorly improving!! I have been waiting for Saturday since like AGES and I had such high hopes about it. I had everything all planned out but nothing came out as I planned. Except for me getting my long awaited Avocado Smoothie from Hans! Ohmygosh! I LOVE my Avocado Smoooothie! It's so smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. Gaya got hooked on it too, when I let her try some the last time we went to Hans. In fact, it practically made my day. No matter what others say about how disgusting it is and stuff. I love my avocado smoothie! Not to mention it's benefits to the skin and hair of the one drinking it!! Want a great way to get rid of those pimples?? Drink Avocado smoothie! Seriously! Either that or you apply some avocado facial mask. (I prefer the smoothie anytime)

Okay, digression! Sorry! Right, let me just go on to say how wonderful the play was. Some of my Oi! Sleeping Beauty! pals were there! And I met up with them after the show. Kathleen, you were TOTALLY AWESOME!! =) Ivan, you looked so BUFFED!! Missed y'all loads! =)

The play was really funny and I loved the huge sets. Go watch it if you haven't! Anyway, ya, the day was too hot for me. Meaning it wasn't exactly the day I have been waiting for. I had everything all perfect in my head and I guess, that was my first mistake! I shouldn't have planned and get my hopes up. Life's so unexpected and you may never know what can happen. Things just don't usually turn out as you want it too. I learnt that today. Not exactly my most favourite Life Lesson! But thanks to my dear friends whome, if it were not for them, I would be seriously down in the dumps.

Okay, okay! I'm done. I have nothing else to say and I hope the rest of December will be better!

My love is vast and deep and whole
Just like the open sea.
It will go on forever more
Into eternity.

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