Badminton and My mutant Arm

4:46 PM

I'm grounded.

Aaargh! Awful, man! To get grounded during the HOLIDAYS of all times!! Apparently, I go out to much and I have to get my homeowrk done and all that kind of thang. But thankfully, it's for only about a week. SO, I am not completely doomed and that's probably why I'm not taking it so rough. I suppose I HAVE been going out a lot but what did my parents expect me to do?! Stay at home and rot?! Nooooo way! I can't stand being at home with only the most boring things to do. And just the THOUGHT of homework makes me shudder with disgust! I HATE homework. And I HATE being a diamond. AND I HATE Mastery Tests!

But I LOVE the holidays!!! I never want this to end. And I have a good feeling that December will be an awesome, AWE-some month!! Although I do have a bit of a problem this coming month. It happens to be my sad and sorry financial status. I am completely and utterly BROKE!! I have barely 20 bucks for the rest of the year and I have SO many things to do this December. I seriously doubt that 20 bucks is gonna cover me!! I have movies to watch and parties to plan and all that good stuff. Darn, my brokeness!

Anyway, I played badminton a few times this week. It was super fun. The first time was with a whole bunch of people. That was because it was a cum farewell thing for Jenny who's going off to Michigan!! (Actually, she already did) There was Jenny, her 2nd seeded brother, Dinah Bee, Shamini, Priya, Taufiq, Suffian, Halim and me. We booked courts and started playing like there's no tomorrow! When I started, I wasn't very good. Then, Taufiq and Suffian decided to train me! Woah, their training is like SO ruthless. They even played two against one with me once! Almost DIED, lah! 'Cos they were so good! PLUS they made me run all over the place and then, took their time laughing at me! What the hell, ah!! But still, they were patient with me and I definitely improved 'cos of them! And you know that I'm particularly harzardous while playing sports. The stupid shuttlecock kept hitting me, lah! And Jen's smash was deadly, in more ways than one! Jen and her brother were like total PROS!!! It was a super work out and I had a total blast! After the badminton thing, (oh, I got Jenny this small bouquet of flowers, also courtesy of Dinah Bee and made her a small card which I always make people) a whole bunch of us went to Northpoint food court and ate our Brunch. Then, the boys decided to go timezoning. I went along for a while and then went back home to get ready to watch Happy Feet with Halim and his siblings and my sis.

I know that many people have this thing against animation flicks. Something about it being not worth your money. But if you just get past the fact that they aren't real and REALLY get into the whole story, you'll find animation stories REALLY heart-warming and enjoyable. I mean, they're so innocent and ANYTHING is possible!! And I know that the the trailer for this flick isn't particularly thrilling. But let me tell you, this is a GOOD, quality movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family and practically anyone of all ages! It's superb! Not only are the penguins SUPER cute, they can sing like CRAZY!! If I can sing HALF as well as penguins do, I'd be content with myself. Anyway, the story is about this penguin named Mumbles (who is like the cutest penguin EVER!!!) being an outcast among the other Emperor Penguins in his clan. You see, his Elvis-like father dropped him when he was still in the egg and his father, Memphis (which happend to be the place where Elvis was raised), thinks that it's the root of all of his son's weirdness. What's the weirdness you may ask? Well, it has been a known fact that ALL penguins can sing, especially Emperor PEnguins. They happen to sing like a dream. And Mumbles sings like a fat man having a heart attack. It was REALLY horrible and I am not kidding. But with his handicap at singing came a different gift. He's got rhythm! He tap dances like an absolute pro. It was SUPER impressive! But of course, to the other penguins, this wierd thing with the feet is to them a deformity of some sort. And all Mumbles ever wanted was to fit in. But naturally, he was shunned by everyone. Even his own father. The only person (or should I say penguin) who was by his side the whole time was his mother. She thought that her son was special. Eventually, Mumbles was exiled from his clan and he left for a journey to find the Aliens (a.k.a Humans) and make them stop taking away the fish from the clan. Oh, yeah! And there's this girl penguin named Gloria whom Mumbles is head over heels in love with. But due to certain circumstances, he was unable to be with her. Let me tell you, this movie just tugs at your heart strings and will never let go until the movie ends. It's SO inspirational!! Yes, I am NOT ashamed to say it but a PENGUIN inspired me! Not only was it inspirational, it was one of the funniest movies ever! It was soooooo funny! And one minute you'll be laughing your guts out and the next thing you know, you'll be tearing up and sniffing at one of those REALLY sad scenes. I highly, highly recommend this movie. Just forget the fact that it's an animation for once and just WATCH the plot. It's really worth your money. Watch it with your whole family! =)

Oh, oh! And just thought I should mention it: I chopped my hair! Yep, yep! I did! I know that I've been saying that I wanted to grow my hair long. And get that Eva Longoria long, lustrous locks thing, right?! Yeah, well, I don't think I'll achieve that look anytime soon. I cjust couldn't STAND it!! I mean, don't get me wrong. I love my hair long. I take pride in it, in fact. But soemhow, I just got bored with tieing up my hair and combing it and taking hours to condition it and stuff. It's really high maintenance! And I felt like it was time for a change, y'know? So, at first, I was killign myself with what decision to make. As in whether I should cut my hair or just trim it. Then, somehow, I just made up my mind and told the lady to chop it off. The lady was tryoing to talk me out of it but the more she told me not to cut, the more I wanted to! So, she chopped off my hair and now it's back to it's short, stuby length in the beginning of the year. And then, the lady gave me this free straightening treatment as a demo of how my hair will look like with it. It was a temporary thing. But ohmygosh!! It looked So awesome! My hair was all swishy and the PERFECT length! But the thing is, the treatment costed a bomb so, I couldn't really aford it. So now, I'm kindda stuck with this thick, frizzy mess of hair on top my head. I look like a little kid, lah! And you should see me in ponytails NOW!! I look positively like a toddler! *sigh* Ah, well! It's refreshing though. Less of a hassle too.

Afew days ago, I went for another badminton thingy with Dinah Bee, Priya, Shamini, Keetha and her brother. I wasn't planning to work out alot 'cos my right arm was in so much pain after the LAST badminton thing I went to. And I was afraid that it would turn into some mutant right arm that's like twice as big as my left arm! *touch wood* So, I played fairly relaxed. Until this short sec 1 dude and his little sister came and somehow played with us. They were SUPER good players! And they barely reached my shoulders!! We played friendly until somehow again, the sec 1 dude and me got to play a singles match. THEN, it got rough. All thoughts of playing it relaxed left my head and I was like playing my hardest against the dude. And the more I played with him the better I got! It got pretty fierce! And in the end, I was unbelievably exhausted... and my shirt was drenched with my sweat!! But I didn't play with the guy the whole time. I played doubles with Priya as my partner afew times. We make an AWESOME TEAM!! Wooots! =P No one can beat us! Hahaha! And Shamini will be running into the net as usual! Hehehe!

Oooooh! I am SO looking forward to December!! There'll be loads of parties for me to go to and plan! And I seriously CANNOT wait till the 9th December!! ATC members are watching W!ld Rice's production of Jack and Beansprout! SO, this means that we'll be out at night and you all know how much I love plays. It'll be so awesome! I already planned out half of my outfit. Can't wait! Can't wait! Party, party!!

Another thing, Taufik Batisah's CD is OUT!! Get it, people! Get it!! It's SO, SOOOO great!! There're original songs inside and in this CD, Taufik's voice is much better and the recording is more clearer. It's just great! And I never knew that Taufik could write such awesome songs. My favourites happen to be Holding On (this song can make anyone melt and cry!), Sombong (this one is featuring Ahli Fiqir which just makes the track TEN times more awesome), All Because of You and Sesuatu Janji. The Malay songs have translations! I thought that was pretty cool. Seriously, people, get it!! It rocks!

Oh, and look what I found as I was rummaging through the depths of my room. It's the ending of some sappy story. I don't know where the rest of it are though. I was redaing it while listening to Holding On by Taufik. It's a really slow and touching number and as I read the ending, I was like whoa! Where is the rest of the story?!! I just thought I shoudl put it up for the fun of it. You don't have to read it. It's pretty boring.

"You don't have to run, you know..." a voice said from behind me. Just the sound of that voice filled my heart with so much joy and with every word I heard, my spirits were lifted higher. But then I remebered what Dr Harold told me. His raspy voice somehow filled my head. There was no future for me. I could not face thsi addiction, this obsession. It was like a disease. It will take over my life and soon enough, my will. No one will ever help me. No one can help me. I am alone. So why did he bother to come? Was he just here to mock me? I wouldn't be surprised. Everyone else did.

"I want to help," he said as if he was reading my mind. A tear rolled down my cheek.

This can't be real. This can't be happening.

I clutched my luggage tighter and was ready to step into the train. "Don't go! We can beat this..." he exclaimed. His voice sounded desperate, longing. But of what I dare not let my imagination run. I took another step to the train doors which were open, waiting for me to step in so that it could lead me to my sad, obscure future. I heard a shuffle of his feet as he yelled, "Please! We can beat this..." I stopped in my tracks.

"We?" I asked softly, but the question seemed to echo around the empty station. It was followed by silence. The tension between us was so tight, you could cut through it a hot knife on butter. As silence prolonged, almost deafening me, my hopes fell further and further unto an oblivion of hopelessness. Another tear rolled down my cheek and touched my lips. It tasted salty and bitter, like my life. I was about to step into the train when I felt him smile. I felt his smile.

"Yes, we..." he replied, just as soft. I finally turned around and laid my eyes on him. He stood there in his ill-fitted jeans and a faded T-shirt with the softest expression on his face. And to me, he looked like the most handsome hero, the most amazing person. At that moment, I realized I needed him. I needed to feel his arms around me. I needed to hear him whisper, "It's gonna be okay." Without saying another word, I dropped my bags ran towarsd him. As I ran, he spread his arms out, welcoming me, offering me protection within his arms. As our bodies touched, my heart swooped with the most unreal sensation I have ever felt. I laid my head on his shoulder and hugged him tight. I could not stopped the tears. I have never felt so vulnerable yet safe at the same time.

He held me for the longest time. Or perhaps at that moment, time stood still. Until he whispered softly in my ear, "It's gonna be okay."

I smiled.

And train doors closed.

Well, there you go! So cliche but I find it sweet! =P Right so, I hope y'all have a gooooood December!! =)

I'm going to love you more than anyone
Look in my eyes,
what do you see?Not just the color
Look inside of me
Tell me all you need and I will try
I will try

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