The Beach Party

8:59 PM

I know that I have sort of disappeared from the face of the blogging world these few days but I haven't really had much to talk about and I've been kindda busy with stuff. Okay, I just realized that that sentence was totally contradictory! What I meant was... I ACTUALLY have some stuff to blog about but... I'm lazy. Hahahaha! Sorry, people! I must be a disgrace to all avid bloggers around the world. Anyway, the point is that NOW, I'm gonna update and my blog won't be so stagnant anymore. And Dinah MZ won't scold me about it being so boring! =P

Today was the Carnival @ AND. I suppose I do have some stuff to talk about. But it's not my main topic for today. I played loads of games today. As in in Timezone and this Grassroots place. I'm not usually the gaming type. In fact, I'm kindda horrible at it. BUT I gave it a try today and I suppose it was pretty fun! Especially Air Hockey with Dinah MZ!! You cheater!! You're supposed to use your hands to block! Hahahaha! Nonsense only! =) She was absolutely hilarious and I ended up laughing myself to a loss. It was a close game however; 7-6. It was SUPER fun!! We should do it more often!!

Right, moving on to the Beach Party last Sunday! It's a bit of a late entry but I am only allowed to use the com during the weekends and this entry is gonna be filled with tons of wacky pictures and stuff. So, it should make up for my laziness! Okay, last Sunday, Gaya, Keetha, Shamini, Dinah Bee, Priya, Halim and me went to Siloso Beach to have a small Beach Birthday Party. I sort of planned the thing and Gaya and Dinah lent me their heads too. If you're wondering who the party was for, it was for Keetha who's birthday was on the 14 Nov. It was a belated thang. She thought that it was only a small picnic thing but she later found out that it was a party for her. She looked PRETTY happy! We went to Siloso in seperate groups. Halim, Keetha and me went off together. Gaya met up with us later at Harbourfront. Shamini, Dinah and Priya were gonna meet us at Siloso. Nithiya would be coming too! But she had some stuff in the morning so she came quite late. Keetha's CD player needed batteries so we (Keetha, Gaya, Halim and me) went around Vivo City with our torturously heavy beach stuff looking for batteries. Which in the end, we didn't manage to find anyway! So we arrived at Siloso quite late. The rest were already there. There, they had all the birthday stuff set up for Keetha and we sang (SUPER LOUDLY) her a birthday song.

This was roughly what they had set up. The cake was in that green Polar box. It was a potluck thing so everyone brought food and things to eat. We had a cooler for the drinks and spankin' red plastic cups! And gosh! We had SO much food! SOOO much food!! From Prata sandwiches to wedges to Pizzas to Sara Lee Desert Cakes!! Oh, and here's the cake, actually, it's Keetha cutting her cake. As you may notice, it's a fruit cake. And if you're wondering why it isn't the usual chocolate cake, it's 'cos Keetha is a VERY unique person who isn't too fond of chocolate. Hahaha! So, it's a tutty-fruity cake instead. I don't have any complaints, 'cos it had peaches and strawberries and I LOVE peaches and strawberries! =) The cake was abit mushed but edibly delicious. ALSO, this picture was NOT taken after Keetha blew the candles. We never really lit the candles in the first place. Not because we didn't have a lighter. In fact, we managed to borrow one from this tourist. It's more about the wind which kept blowing out the candles FOR Keetha! It was pretty funny!

This next picture is us having a toast to Keetha and the holidays! Don't ask me why we didn't fill up the cups before actually toasting. I myself don't know! BUT it's the thought that counts!! Cheers! =)

After that we took a couple of group shots of us. As you can see, the weather was awesome. It was windy and the sky was filled with fluffy clouds. I was SO afraid that it would rain. I know that most people wont mind have a party in the rain. After all we would get wet anyway, right?! Wrong! I mind. I totally mind. Sure, the rain is great and all, but I MUCH prefer the sun! I'm more of a sunshine girl anyway. AND a beach party should have ALL the four S's. Which are: Sun, Sand, Sea and Smiles! And boy were there huge smiles!!

After eating the cake and getting high on chilled Root Beer (we brought a cooler! Thank goodness!), we got into beach mode and we headed to the water while those who didn't want to get wet got out the food and started munching. Keetha (that gundu! =P) brought this GIANT tote bag and I thought that it contained her extra clothes, in case she got wet (which you OBBIOUSLY would 'cos you're at the Beach, for Pete's sake). Later, I found out that it was practically empty if it were not for her purse. Hahaha! It was so funny 'cos the bag was SO huge and inside was just this teeny-weeny purse! So, she couldn't afford to get wet. Usually we would just throw her into the sea anyway, but since it was HER birthday party, we decided to respect her wish (for once) and just allow her to splash around the shore. The rest of us, Gaya, Shamini, Halim and me were immersed in the slightly warm sea water! It was pretty cold 'cos the wind kept blowing and the water is SO warm. So, when we got out, we were freezing our butts off. Thankfully for me, I wasn't too affected by the wind or the chill. Halim however, was practically shivering his way back to our picnic spot to get some food. His teeth would be chattering and his hands will be shaking as he ate with much effort! Whatever happened to "I can stand the cold"?! Hmmm?! Hahahaha! =P

After splashing around, we took some fun and spastic pics. It was SUPER fun! Spas pics happen to be our speciality! Here they are...

Here's Dinah Bee! She was trying to save our poor umbrella from being blown away by the wind but instead, SHE got blown away!! It was hilarious! She was like wrestling with the umbrella which seemed to have a mind of it's own! In the end, that umbrella got broken. Dinah's PRETTY strong breaking the unbrella like that and fighting with the wind and all!

This was a fight scene which all started with Shamini screaming in high-pitched tones when I pretended to stranggle her. Then, SOMEHOW those people got into the picture and tried to save poor Shamini from me! HAH!! Halim just wanted to be in the picture, being the 'innocent party' while eating. He ate ALOT, by the way! Just thought I should just mention it! Hahaha! =P

Here's Dinah Being a reluctant Santa Klein. Since Halim ate ALL the food, Dinah had to spare me some tiny sandwiches which she made me BEG for!! Okay, okay, not excatly what happened but it's a funny story!

Here's Dinah being a chikopek! And Gaya being herself! Hahahaha! Joking! =P

Priya and Me loving the Beach!! =)

"Oh, my god!! What is it?! Is it a monster?!!" said Shamini. ""I dunno but it kindda looks like you!" screams Dinah in fear. HAHAHAHAHA!! Sorry, Sham! Couldn't resist!

Gaya and Keetha

Keetha and Priya

This one's Halim trying to stuff my with food eventhough I wasn't even hungry!! He was later encouraged by the rest of them to stuff more into my mouth while DINAH took pics!! Evil people!! Hahaha! =P

Ooops! I'm already out of time! But I have so much to talk about!! I guess I have to continue next time. One last pic...

We went back really late! I reached home at 9.30pm!! It was SUPER fun!! SUPER fun!! More it later. Have a great holidays, guys!! =)

Do you even know what you mean to me?
I'll give anything just to see you smile;
Please tell me that this love is real;
Tell me even just for awhile.
For now I will not shed a tear,
Until the lonely Night is here...

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