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Short one
8:48 PM
Sunday, November 12, 2006
I'm feeling pretty good, right now! My day was pretty good though it started out really weird and awkward. Today was Dinah MZ's Open House! I have to say this: I have ALWAYS loved Dinah's house! I love doing stuff there. It's SO big and spacious and everything's so perfect!All immaculate and clean. AND I couldn't WAIT to finally meet Dinah's uber, UBER cute kittens!!! I'm sure most of you guyses already know this but I happen to have this obsession with cats. Especially since I am unable to have one of my own. So, one of the reasons I'm so INTO cats is partly because I can't own one. Hehehe! If you get what I mean.

Ohmygoodness! I just speant the last half hour talking to six people online! Who knew that everyone went online at night?! Too bad it's only a one time thing for me 'cos I got home late after Dinah's thing. Anyway, I had tons of fun playing with her Kittens. I ended up falling in love with Patches!! Or I should say Marble. But funnily, I somehow always called him Patches and it would come to me. He was so cute! I carried it around and all.

Aaaahh! My mum's already bugging me to go offline! Aiya! And I didn't even have time to tell y'all about my visit AND my movie reviews 'cos this week I watched The Covenant and Step Up. This is so awful! I'll blog next time, yea??

He has the most shivering touch
And the brightest of eyes
He says the warmest things
And smiles the brightest smiles