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Okay, people! I have LOADS to talk about! Loads of things have happened this week 'cos I've been going out alot. And not to mention, there's school! So, I have loads of stuff to say. In fact, just this week, I've watched THREE movies!! I've never watched so many movies in one week. AND not to mention, there's the long awaited 3/6 Halloween Party on the 2 November. I have tons of cool pictures and tons of stuff to talk about! So, let me start with the movie reviews. Just quick ones, this time. Not as detailed as I would've liked, since I'm kindda short on time right now.

First, I watched DEATHNOTE on Monday with a whole bunch of people.

I mean, finally! Jeez! I've been dying to watch this movie since like forever! I even thought I was jinxed to never watch the movie 'cos everytime I made plans to watch Death Note, it somehow or other gets cancelled or the tickets are sold out, that sort of thing. It was SO frustrating. Anyway, the point is, I got to watch it!! And let me just say, it was... sort of worth it, I guess. It's actually pretty nice. I mean, the story line is really cool. It's about this collage student named Light, who has lost faith in the law system. Which is pretty ironic since he's a law student in the first place. But I guess he realized that the law has it's limits and sometimes criminals can see the loopholes of this not-so-perfect justice system, and escape their punishment. So, Light wants justice. Then, out of the blue, he found this book called the 'Death Note'. It was filled with blank pages. So, what does it do?? Well, just flip the book and you will see an instrustion manual on how to use it. Okay, when I say it like THAT it sounds kind of stupid, but when you watch it in the movie, it's actually pretty cool! Trust me! So, it says in the instruction thingy that if you write down a person's name in the Death Note, that person will die of a heart attack (unless the cause of death is specified) in a matter of 40 seconds. At first, Light couldn't believe it but he was curious like any other person and tried it out. Voila! It worked. And so, he took on the alias of Kira, who kills criminals to ensure that there's justice in this world. Many think that this is a real noble thing to do, including Light. Light can also communicate with the God of Death, also known as Ryuk. He is by far, my FAVOURITE character in the whole movie!! I love that, dude!! He's SO cool! And I love his voice and his love for apples. He's just SO cool! So, anyway, Light is slowly engulfed by the power of the Death Note. He starts killing people for his benefit. Then, L appears. He's this genius detective who is like MUCHO WEIRDO!! All he does is eat all day, and he doesn't gain a gram. Maybe it's 'cos his brain activities take up too much energy. He's like super smart. Also, he looks really weird 'cos he doesn't sleep. AND he holds every thing in this weird, almost gay-ish way. They play this cat-and-mouse game for most of the movie. A bit draggy, I have to admit. But then, things pick up when Light's girlfriend was held hostage. His girlfriend was killed in the end and we found out that HE planned the whole thing!! I was like NOOOOOO!! I was so rooting for Light to kick L's ass, simply 'cos I find L too weird. Then, THSI happened and I was SO disappointed in him. He turned evil, as expected. But what really ticked me off about the movie was it's lame ending! I was awaiting for something really amazing to happen after the revealation that Light killed his own girlfriend (who REALLY loved him , like a lot!) for his own sake. But it ended up really anti-climax. It was like:
Light: Let me join the investigation, Dad!
Dad: No
(L comes into the scene out of nowhere)
L: Yes, we can use your brains
(L eats a potato chip and stares at Light. Light stares back.)

I felt So ripped-off. Then, I found out that Death Note 2: The Last Name is coming out REAL soon. Like december! So, I guess it was okay. The movie was good. It would've been real great if the pace was a bit faster. But the movie was very okay.

Next, I watched DOA: Dead or Alive on Wednesday.

I saw the trailer and I thought it would be fun to watch. And I was right! It's the type of brainless movie which you watch not for it's rivetting plot or tear-jerking acting. It has loads of gorgeous girls who can seriosuly kick butt and that's enough, I guess. The action scenes are really something. It's just SO much fun to watch girls kick guys' butts. This movie is a WHOLE lot of Girl Power. And guys will loove it 'cos the girls there like wearing teeny-weeny pieces of cloth while they're fighting. Anyway, it's a really fun movie and I highly recommend it after school when you just need to switch off and have fun. Plus, it has some majorly awesome moves! A tad bit cheesy (the plot) but just don't question anything that doesn't sound logical and you'll have a great time watching this flick.

Just yesterday I watched Flushed Away.

I LOVE this movie!! This is probably my favourite movie this week!! It's SO hilarious. The story is about this aristocratic pet rat name Roddy who lives in Kensington and thought that he had a great life. But in reality, he's actually really lonely (he doesn't know it yet). Until a sewer rat invaded his posh home and made a mess of everything. Roddy tried to trick this sewer rat, Sid, into getting flushed down the toilet by calling it a jacuzzi. Of course, the plan backfired 'cos sewer rats aren't THAT stupid, y'know! So, instaed, Roddy got flushed down the sewer and there, he found a WHOLE alternative London with all the landmarks of London made from trash. He was then tangled in a series of mis-adventures with this girl rat he met named Rita. She's spunky and knows the sewer like the back of her paw. So, Roddy asks her for her help to get him 'uptown'. She agreed as he promised to pay her with diamonds, which will help her feed her EXTREMELY large family. However, they get are chased by The Toad, who's like this evil mafia don guy. My favourites in the movie are the slimy but somehow cute Singing Slugs which are EVERYWHERE!! And Le Frog, who's this really cool French detective like guy. He is SO hilarious!! In fact, this whole movie is hilarious. Filled with slapstick humour and witty lines! HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended!! Watch it, people! You won't regret this one! =)

Moving on to the main course, I'm gonna talk about the awesome 3/6 Halloween Party. Actually, to tell you the truth, I wasn't too hot about it. I was at FIRST. I had my outfit all planned out. I was gonna dress up as this Vampiress/Rocker chick/School Girl person. Kindda complicated, right? Then, when I finally wore mt whole outfit with make-up and all, I realized that I looked more like a Japanese Goth school girl! Hahaha! It was kindda weird since Goth is like the TOTAL opposite of me. I mean, I'm more of a sunshine girl and I won't go aorund greeting people with, "Yo, life sucks!". But it IS Halloween after all! Diyanah and I were both Goths. Although, she turned out to look more like a Vampire Hooker! She looked super hot! Keetha decided to dress up as the devil, with her cute devil horns. Then, Gaya and I made her look more devilly with some make-up (make-up can REALLY change a person, let me tell you). Speaking of Gaya, she wore this pirate outfit, complete with an eye-patch and all. A tribute to Orlando Bloom, no less! Shamini's costume was really elaborate. She was a witch. She had a broom and hat and everything! She was all orange and black! I thought she looked TOTALLY awesome!! Good on you, sista'!

That's Gaya in her Pirate costume, though you can't really see it. We took headshots before we headed off to the Party (which is at Alexis's condo. Awesome place!).

Here's Diyanah. I helped her put on her make-up for her! Not that she needs it, but it does make her look seriosuly Goth, huh?! Told ya' she looked hot!

This is Keetha! I actually took a really devilish and spastic looking picture of her with the horns but I decided to not be mean and post this nice smiley picture of her instead. She looks great! =)

And this would be ME. I look really scary, huh?! Hahaha! Darn my reflective glasses. But I took them off later. I wasn't THAT blind, lah!

We later took more pictures on the bus ride there where we sort of scared the passengers there. No one in Singapore usually dresses like this. We don't have a headshot of Shamini 'cos she wanted to change at the condo. Just in case you were wondering.

That's a group picture of us.

Here's Gaya at the bus, scaring the passengers to death! Hahaha! Kidding! She's going, "Aaarr, me hearties!!" Pretty spastic!

That's us, going crazy on the bus, taking pictures like there's no tomorrow! When we reached the place, we were pretty early. So, we posed for more pictures. We decided to REALLY get into our characters and stuff.

That would be me on the far left, acting emo! Hahaha! For your information, Keetha wasn't in her full costume yet. Gaya too. I, however, am already in my full costume. Tights and boots and all! Hahaha! =P

Diyanah and me. Diyanah's not her full costume too. She's waiting for someone to bring her skirt and fishnets! So, here are everyone in full costume, posing with a lamp post!

That's me. You can see my entire outfit now, and you probably get what I mean by the whole Jap school girl thing, right?! I tried to be as EMO as possible for this pic. I dunno if it worked though.

Keetha looking SCARY!!

Goth Hooker Emo, Diyanah!! Hahaha! =)

Gaya the Pirate in FULL costume!! Sailing!!

And finally, Shamini the Witch!! Looking great and hoping on her broom to somewhere!

So, anyway, as I was saying, most of weren't really in a partying mood at first 'cos we had this STUPID diamonds talk which really got us down. Keetha even said that she didn't want to go!! But we forced her and I bet she's glad that we did. The party turned out great! Many people dressed-up!! 3/6 ROCKS!!!! I thought, they'd be all un-enthu like most Andersonians but I was SO wrong!! Almost everyone dressed-up in awesomely spanking outfits!! Even Akmal! He looked really great with his My Chemical Romance outfit.

Here's Fiona the Vampire, getting a bite out me. Hahaha! It was pretty hilarious! In fact, there was a WHOLE lot of biting, killing, cutting and stabbing.

We took tons and TONS of pictures, which is ALWAYS a load of fun. There were bottles of soft drinks, candies, chips and PIZZA!! And music too! Diyanah and I acted emo at first but then started partying and we even borrowed the guys' samurai swords and made a teeny samurai movie. So, somehow, over the course of the party, I became a Samurai Japanese School Girl. Here are the pics...

That's all, folks! =)

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