Viva La Vivo City

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Hooray, people!! The exams are FINALLY over!! In fact, it's been over for quite some time. Mine ended on Tuesday, though the week hasn't really been a completely slack one for me. My last paper was Pure Literature and I felt pretty guilty for not really studying as thoroughly as I know a person of my IQ should. But the feng shui at the back of the hall must be pretty good that day 'cos I thought the paper went very well for me. Somehow, I think the thought of it being the last paper and the thought of me going out with my friends later really got me in the spirit of doing the paper. The words seemed to flow out of me and my hand was so used to writing by this time, it didn't even ache! Who knew that writing could be an exercise?! Well, after a do-able paper like that, I felt really great as it was a nice ending to two weeks of absolute torture for me. And the moment the doors of the hall were open, Shamini, Gaya, Keetha, Diyanah and I were running out of the place jumping and screaming for joy! It's OVER!!! We're FREEEE!!! It felt like a load off my shoulders. But the fun part came AFTER the paper 'cos Tuesday happened to be a MUCHO FABULOUS-O day for me! Diyanah, Gaya, Keetha and I decided to celebrate by watching a movie at ...

VIVO CITY!!! For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know what Vivo City is, let me enlighten you. It's this new shopping mall that recently opened to the public. But it's not just any ordinary mall. It's the size of twelve football fields. TWELVE football fields!!! It's like 1 million square feet of HEAVEN on earth! I was practically twitching with excitement just by the mere thought of it!! So, the four of us decided to check the place out. We hopped on the train and dropped off at Harbour Front. The first thing we noticed about the place was the floor. Yes, the FLOOR!! The tiles were embedded with thousands of tiny shards of glass so, it reflects the light above it. It was soooo cool! It was as thought we were walking on STARS!! Hahaha!

The place is MASSIVE!!! It has only three stories but trust me, it is MORE than enough! In fact, it was SO massive that we needed a map to navigate ourselves! Not kidding! You see, we reached there pretty early as we came immediately after our paper. And we were planning to go watch an early movie so that we could explore the place later. But even with the map (which is So tacky really! I mean, I have never walked around in a SHOPPING mall, carrying a map and looking lost. We looked like tourists!), it was pretty difficult to find the Golden Village cinema. Yes, the place is THAT big! So, we asked the Information counter and they told us to go up that escalator (the dude pointed somewhere) and told us to keep left. The four of us went up the escalator where we came to a crossroads of some sort. Then Gaya turned to walk some way and we were about to follow her when I said, "Didn't the guy say to keep left?? So, shouldn't we go the other way??". Gaya went, "Oh, yaa!" and then they happily followed me the other way. Let me take this moment to inform all of you that I have a really, really bad sense of direction. And I did tell Diyanah, Gaya and Keetha this fact! But perhaps they forgot this teeny little fact when they followed me the OTHER way 'cos ironically, the cinema was just afew shops away from where Gaya was originally heading!!! And so, we kept walking and walking and walking and walking and walking and walking... We made one HUGE round around the entire level. Keetha and Diyanah were practically moaning in pain as we kept walking to no avail. We checked the map endlessly and continued walking ahead. Until alas! We found the Golden Village cinema! It was SO huge, I was surprised we didn't see it in the first place. We were SO relieved to have found the place! Then, we were about to step inside when we saw that the escalator we was JUST over there! Riiiiiiiiight there! Just a few shops away from the escalator! And we made that whole GIGANTIC round for no reason! It was hilarious! You should have seen their faces! It was classic! I was laughing so hard. Diyanah was like, "I'm NEVER taking directions from you ever again, lah!!" And her face was SO funny when she said that! But I did tell them about my bad sense of direction. Hahahaha! Sorry, guys! My bad!

So, after our cardiovascular exercise around the whole mall, we went to watch SCOOP. The Golden Village cinema is SO COOL!!! It's like the AWESOMEST cinema I have ever been in!! It has all these different type of cinemas at different prices and we went into Cinema Europa (which was much more affordable after our student discounts). The theater was the BEST!!! The seats were HUGE!!! It was as big as an Osim massage chair, only without the massaging things. Plus, instead of having those tacky drink holders on each side, they had tiny, miniature tables beside each seat to put all your nachos and drinks. It was totally sweet! And the seats are So cushiony and big. I could lift and foold up my legs on the seats! So COMFY!!! (Okay, maybe it's 'cos my legs are a bit... short but still, the seats are HUGE!) Oh, and the theater isn't crammed with as many seats as possible. It's just the right amount of seats per theater which doesn't make the place like a tuna can. The sound system was banging and the whole cinema is GORGEOUS!! When Diyanah and I were looking for the toilet (which is totally awesome, by the way, 'cos they don't have the normal sinks! They have these table of tilted stones where the water just automatically drains away. It's SO cool!), we almost expected for us to tap on something and a wall would slide open to reveal a toilet. Of course, we were just joking around! I mean, we didn't ACTUALLY... ermm... tap on places on walls and waiting for things to happen... Yeah! That would be SO dumb! Heh! =P

The movie was GREAT!! Scoop is a witty investigator story starring Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman and Woody Allen. It was soooooo funny! But more on the movie later! After the movie, we decided to explore the hugeness of Vivo City! It has the most amazing stores!

Oh, and I know that many people may not care but I just HAVE to say this!! Vivo City has the ONE and ONLY 'GAP' store in the whole of Singapore!!!! Gaya and I almost fainted when we saw the store. I've given up on owning anything 'GAP' but my prayers have been answered!! GAp has come to Singapore!! But the store isn't open yet. It'll be open by mid-october. No worries! Good things are worth waiting for! =)

Okay, now back to my story (sorry, for the digression), there are SO many awesome stores there like (A HUGE) Esprit store, Forever 21, Topshop, Tangs, Levi's, Adidas, Godiva (this is the most sinful shop ever!! The chocolates they sell look so good! But one bar of solid dark chocolate costs 8 bucks!! Jeez!) and many more. They even have a Ben & Jerry's SHOP!!!! A BEN & JERRY'S SHOP!!! Diyanah and I almost stopped breathing and had heart palpitations when we saw it!! But we were fasting so we went into this enormous Toys 'R' Us store. It was the funest store ever! We went to this halloween section where we dressed-up as witches and took silly pictures of ourselves. I would post the pictures but it's in my phone. It was hilarious!! Then, we played around with some more toys and then, went into some clothes store and drooled over some spanking looking clothes! But Keetha and Gaya had to leave early. So, Diyanah and I went to Junction 8 where I got myself a new B.U.M shirt and Diy belanja-ed me an awesome handphone sock! I've been itching to get one all year! Hahaha!

On Thursday, we had Malay remedial! I know, horrible right?! I was pretty bummed about loads of things that day. But thank goodness for Dinah MZ (who I have not hung out with in a quite a while! I missed you, girl!!) who cheered me up with a little bit of shopping and neoprints!! I have finally found someone who is as nuts about neoprints as I am! I don't care what anyone says, I think it's heaps of fun! Anyway, hope you enjoyed that Clay Aiken CD. I still can't believe you just bought it right there and then! Hahaha! =)

The rest of the week wasn't very eventful. Just me sleeping late, waking up late and watching tons of cable. I am SO turning into a couch potato!

The way you make me smile whenever I think of your name.
And when I'm with you, I will never be the same.
I love you for everything you do and all that you say.
My feelings for you quadruple every single day.
I pray in my heart that you feel the same way.
Even if I am missing you today...

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