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7:37 PM

Right, as promised I'm gonna tell y'all more about the movie I watched this week. Which is... SCOOP

This movie stars Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen. It's about this wannabe reporter named Sondra who was visited by the ghost of this hot-shot reporter who died recently. The ghost reporter, Joe Strombel, gave Sondra the scoop of the century while she was stuck in a cupboard during a magic act by this dude called Splendini (I love saying this word: Splendiiiiiniii). Splendini (Woody Allen) was doing this whole vanishing trick on Sondra (Scarlett) but while she vanshed, a ghost appeared. The scoop was on this serial killer called the Tarot Card Killer. He kills prostitutes with short, brunette hair and leaves a tarot card behind as his signature. So, anyway, the scoop was that Lord Lyman's son, Peter Lyman was behind the Tarot Card killings. Peter Lyman (Hugh Jackman) is rich, handsome, well-mannered and a complete gentleman. And so, you can't just tell the world that you think that that super hot dude was a psychotic killer, especially 'cos he's the Lord's son and he's respected and all. Sondra decided to pursue this scoop and do a bit of invisgative journalism. By that meaning, she's gonna make Peter Lyman fall in love with her. And with the help of Splendini, who's real name is Sid Waterman, she's gonna try and crack open the case and make journalistic history. But then, she accidentally fell in love with the object of her investigations.

And seriously, how can she NOT!! I practically MELTED in my seat when I saw Hugh Jackman. This was by far, the BEST he has EVER looked in any movie he made. His hair was AMAZINGLY perfect!!! And he is like the sweetest man on earth! Not to mention, he's rich. But gosh, as the movie went on, I found myself praying that he isn't the Tarot Card Killer. He was so perfect and I was beginning to fall for him myself. And the ACCENT!!! The awesome, romantic British accent that keeps whispering sweet nothings into Sondra's ears (and mine 'cos the speakers were so loud). *swoon* Too bad that Sondra character really irritated me. I mean, what is UP with those golden-rimmed, magnifying glass specs which she was wearing throughout the movie?! And the way she spoke!! I feel like STRANGGLING HER!!! She's SO nerdy!! She's pretty, yeah, but must she be SO nerdy and weird?! It gives me chills just thinking about it. But I think one of the most heart-warming characters in the movie is Sid who is the funniest old dude I have ever came across in my life. He keeps on trying to flatterv people by stuttering, "I mean it, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart with all due respect, you're a beautiful person and a credit to you race." to everyone he meets and it was hilarious how he remembered numbers through a series of weird neumonics like, "16 blue ponies, 20 airplanes, 21 spinning midgets". One of the more memorable lines which Sid said was, "I was born of the Hebrew persuasion, but I converted to narcissism." I swear he is the wittiest old dude EVER!! I seriously recommend Scoop for those who have a quick mind and ready for a good, hearty laugh. There's eye-candy for both guys and girls so, it's not a chick-flick or anything. AND the ending is a bit disappointing but the plot is really good. But if you ARE planning to watch the movie, PLEASE pay close attention to the dialoge!! You'll laugh your guts out! I know I did! =)

Today was an okay day for me. Nothing special really. But I did make a trip to Causeway Point to buy my family some Bedspreads!! Okay, I know it isn't exactly the most exciting thing on earth but I find shopping for anything extremely exciting. And who knew that there is SUCh a wide variety of bedspreads in Aussino!! It was SO colourful and difficult to choose from. So I bought myself this kindda retro orangey, tan retro bedspread. Oh, and I also bought myself a pair of ear studs (Yes, AGAIN!! I can't help it okay?!) and CANDY FLOSS!! I LOVE CANDY FLOSS!!! The way it just melts in your mouth the MOMENT it touches your tongue. The way the sweetness just spreads through your whole mouth and makes you feel this sweet tingling sensation down your spine as it slides down your throat. It's pink and sweet and it's like the epitome of happiness (next to ice-cream, of course)!

Anyway, I have Malay remedial tomorrow and I have yet to touch my Malay homework. The thought of it just totally brings me down, lah! But it's Asnah and I dare not defy her. Monday's also a special day for me.

If you only knew how much I care for you
Would you some back to prove our love is true?
I look at you and can only see
My love, my life, my Eternity
Happy 4th Anniversary!

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