Deepa Raya '06

5:45 PM

Well, in just TWO days, we'll be sitting for our Mother Tongue O'levels!!! I'm totally terrified! Just thinking about it makes my tummy flutter. I don't really think I'm ready but at the same time, I really just wanna get it over and done with. I have yet to watch Death Note and it's ALL because of this STUPID O'level thing. Why?! 'Cos my malay teacher, Cikgu Asnah went into MAJOR teaching mode! Like WHOA!!! Just yesterday, Cikgu Asnah made us go for Malay remedial from 9am to 5pm!! That's like SEVEN hours of listening to her drone on and on and on... I wouldn't really mind if it were not for the fact that she did not tell us anything! She just told us to meet at L2 at 9am. And I thought that she would end around 12.30pm, when the Muslim boys have to go for Friday prayers. But noooooo, she made us come back and continue!!! I felt SO ripped off 'cos we were planning to go watch Death Note! This would be the FOURTH time that my plan to watch Death Note is cancelled! It's like I'm jinxed or something!!

Anyway, today I'm gonna talk about Thursday, which was the Deepa Raya concert. Most of my weeks were eaten up by constant rehersals . If you are wondering what my part in the whole thing was, it's this whole modeling thing. Okay, at first, I was the stage manager! Then somehow, (due to someone SABO-ing me) I got pulled into this modeling thing whereby I have to walk around on stage and show off ethnic costumes! The other people in the same segment as me are Diyanah, Shahidah, Halim, Taufiq and Suffian. That's only the malay part. There were Indian models, who are Priya, Siva, Ajay and Sivaroobini. I was a bit nervous 'cos I was afraid that the crowd would be like, "Uuuuh, this is So lame...". Y'know that kind of thing?!

We were split into couples, and we were supposed to wear matching clothes and everything. It was pretty cool 'cos mine was RED!!! My favourite colour, by the way! I was paired up with Halim. Shahidah was paired up with Suffian and Diyanah was paired up with Taufiq. So, here are the couples!!!

This is Diyanah and Taufiq in green! Diyanah was wearing a traditional baju kurung and so is Taufiq. They look great, huh?! I keep trelling Diyanah that she's pretty and totally great-looking but does she listen to me?! Nooooooooo!! Now LOOK at this people! It totally proves that I was right (as usual). Hahaha! Diyanah was the only person who was just as nervous as me about the whole thing. In fact, I think she was probably MORE nervous than me. But she did great that day. Like a real model in all aspects! Taufiq is probably used to the crowd cheering at him, lah! That guy always act model! Hahaha! Joking! Joking! =P

Here's Suffian and Shahidah, looking totally cool in Blue! Shahidah's hair is SO funky here! The Malay Dance instructor did her hair for her and she was at first a bit apprehensive but it turned out great! She's super funny, lah, that girl! And Suffian's always smooooooth. Even on the 'runway'! Shahidah's wearing a traditional kebaya. Blue looks great on them! =)

And here's Halim and me! We're in red, as you can obviously see! At first, Cikgu Asnah wanted to choke me with my scarf. Okay, exaggeration! I meant she made me wrap my scarf around my neck in this weird way. then, I manage to get her to change it into this loose scarf thingy. Halim's wearing a normal baju kurung with a 'kain samping'. I remembered that he had such a hard time putting that thing on 'cos he was so skinny! Hahaha! Still, it ended up looking great! We look awesome in red, huh?! Hahaha! =)

Here are afew random pictures of the whole experience

This is Dinah Bee, who's the em-cee of the entire thing along side with Ashwin. I thought she looked REALLY funky with that hair-do! The Malay Dance instructor did it for her! Seriously, that guy is MAJORLY talented! She looks really pretty here. "I'm Dinah Bee and don't you mess with me!" Hahaha! Great intro Dinah!

Look at the difference! Before and After! Hahaha! Even when she's getting her hair done, she still has time to go all nuts on us! Typical Dinah Bee for you!

Here's Shahidah getting her hair done. Looks like she's enjoying it! OH, and THAT'S the Malay Dance instructor!! The uber talented one I was talking about! Look at him! Stylin' Shahidah's hair like a pro! Hehehe!

Cikgu Suzi did my make-up for me. I thought it looked great! I feel like a star getting her make-up done! Hahaha! Kidding! Kidding!

Taufiq looking dashing in Green. Purposely hogging the camera! =P

And here's Halim lying down, while the rest were busy at work! Hehehe! Just Kidding! =P

Fauzi acting cute, as usual! =X

We gals, chillin' before the performance! Jenny's wearing a Baju Kurung ;cos she's plays a Chinese Muslim (or something like that) in a skit in the concert. I think she looks really Malay in it! And really pretty too! Beside her is Priya the Model! I love that outfit! =)

Here's Diyanah, Shahidah and me, ready for the show. Don't we look great?! =X

I think Taufiq's showing Halim how to put on a Samping. 'Gotong-royong', eh?!

Here's Siti and Gang! By that meaning Prasaanth and Fauzi. Fauzi's supposed to be this Chinese Indian guy, I think! Hahaha!

Pictures from the concert itself. The first on is Khairi doing his thang, which is Silat. I thought he looked uber cool! The second one's the opening ceremony with the guest of honour and the fianl one is US, doing our model thing. Cool, eh?! Okay, running out of time here!!! Just one last quick picture...

The MODELS!! I love this picture! We look so colour-coordinated! Hahaha!

Well, I would love to continue and go on with the details and everything like I usually do, but my com time is up so, I'll continue tomorrow!

Adios! =)

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