Track and Faint

4:23 PM

Oh, crud!! My cough isn't getting any better any time soon and it's REALLY bugging me. I mean, I finished TWO whole bottles of cough syrup and it's STILL not getting any better!! I totally HATE it!! I'm beginning to think that it's permanent. And I am not about to waste money going to the clinic again or even the hospital. I guess I'll just have to live with it. It's really irritating. At times, my throat would feel ompletely fine and then, all of a sudden there's this weird aching thing at the back of it and I'll just try and clear my throat a biiiit. The next thing you know, BAM!! I'm coughing my lungs out! My face all red 'cos I can't breathe properly (even after my coughing seizure). My eyes all watery. Saliva going everywhere. Mucus coagulating at the back of my throat and all. Gross, I know! And the worst part is AFTER the cough attack 'cos my throat would hurt like HELL and I would be struggling to breathe and struggling even harder not to continue coughing. Also, because of this STUPID, STUPID cough (which I'm quite sure is due to my inflammed tonsils), I can't enjoy my ice-creams. And trust me, a girl NEEDS her ice-cream! Well, at least I do. I usually eat ice-cream EVERY week, multiples times. Now, I've barely eaten any. Though I did eat this small (but EXTREMELY satisfying) tub of Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate last week. And this week, I had a slice ...or two... of Haagen Dazs ice-cream cake. It was the cake 3/6 bought for Ms Leow to celebrate her birthday. We had it with pizza!! Hehehe!! However, I'm determined to get myself a tub of Ben & Jerry's next week. I'm planning to try out this new flavour called 'Fossil Fuel'. But seriously, what is up with my throat?! Sheesh! It's even ruining my voice! Oh, well! I'm not gonna think about it now.

Moving on, we're done with the 2.4km run which was this Wednesday. It was by far the most memorable runs I've experienced. At least for me. I was really nervous about it. I mean, sure, I've been practising and all. And I did hit a really good time the last time I ran. But this is a whole diffirent situations. There'll be people watching and this is the REAL deal!! No slip-ups or else, I may lose my gold this year for NAPFA! And I am planning to get a gold! I was really pissed with myself for getting a silver last year and I will NOT repeat that mistake again! Keetha and I ask Mr Yeo if we could run with our mp3 players. I think that Logan played a MAJOR role in clinching me that awesome time the last time I ran. But it was a bad move to ask him. We should've just ran with it. Naturally, he said no. Though I really don't understand why 'cos it would've helped SO many people if they allowed us to run with our mp3 players. I mean, they keep going on and on about how they want us to pass and do our best and all that mumbo-jumbo. So, why hinder our performance by not letting us run with our players?? It's just not logical, is it? Bet the re-test rates would totally go down! Anyway, so I couldn't run with Logan. And Keetha and I started off late 'cos we had to keep our mp3 players back. So, we didn't get a proper start. It was just whoa! We're running the thing already. I ran okay until the fourth round. Then my STUPID cough started to act up. But I forced myself not to cough 'cos I know that if I do, I wouldn't be able to stop coughing and therefore, I wouldn't be able to run. And then I'll have to take a re-test and I'd rather DIE than do that again! I could sort of feel my tonsils inflating and making my windpipe tighter and makign it harder for me to breathe. But of course, I forced myself to keep going. But there were times when I couldn't breathe at all and I stopped!! I hated myself for it so, I end up trying to run faster for the next round. Which makes my windpipe grow a little tighter. It's a chain reaction.

By the last round, I seriously had breathing issues. I kept running, though the tracsk felt like it was moving underneath me. It was my LAST round!! I had to keep going!! I was at the last bend and it was the last stretch for me. But at that point of time, I couldn't breathe at all. AT ALL!!! I was like, "Damn it!" So, against my natural, bodily instincts, I ran. Yes, I ran as fast as I could, without breathing. The sounds around me were fuzzy and thick. My edges of my vision sort of blackened. I could see black spots. But all I was thinking was crossing the finishing line. And when I did, my vision went black.

The next thing I know, I woke up with all these people around me. Most of them were St John's brigade people. They were all fussing over me. And there were loads of other people who I think just wanted to know who's that weakling who fainted on the tracks?! I couldn't walk properly. Okay, I couldn't walk at all. So, these poor girls had to practically carry me to the giant cement steps. It was so HUMILIATING!!!! Everyone was so concerned and curious. My friends ask me if I was okay. The truth is, it really wasn't all that bad. I didn't have asthma or whatever. It was just my STUPID cough/tonsils!! I seriously made such a big doof of myself.

But I did managed to clock a time of 14mins 04secs. Which makes me the third fastest girl in my class, I think. Halim was the fastest in the whole level, 9mins exactly. And he's still not satisfied! I would kill for that time! The five items are tomorrow. Wish me luck!! =)

Oh, there's a Functions test on Monday too. I don't really know squat about functions but I went out to study yesterday and I think I'm getting the hang of it. Hopefully I won;'t screw anything up tmr. Oh, and I've been extremely broke these past few days so, I haven't been out doing anything much. I've been DYING to go shopping. But that'll habe to wait 'cos I'm planning to watch two movies VERY soon:
1) Nacho Libre (I love Jack Black!! Not too big on wrestling though)
2) The Lake House (Keanu and Sandra finally reunited!! I HAVE to watch it!!)

So, I have a big hunch that I'll be broke for a loooong time. Racial harmony day was on Friday. I didn't wear anything glamorous or extravagant this time. I know, you can't believe it right? I decided to just be plain. Dunno what came over me 'cos everyone was dressed so FAB and I was like a peasant compared to all of my friends who looked MUCHO FABULOUSO!! I wore a simple, plain cotton punhabi top with jeans. Ah, well! At least I made peasants look good! =P Joking!!! I had drama after that... Really inconvenient. Still, it was kindda okay. I skipped lunch 'cos I was broke. It was such a LONG day!!

And I'll be broke for a looooong time. Yikes!!

Walks to remember...

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