Nacho Libre

4:14 PM

I am so sick of being sick that it seriously sickens me!! Seriously!! Okay, I don't want to start this entry ona bad note. I'm just a tad bit pissed at the pills and syrups I have to take. Right, okay, evaluation of the week is coming up...

Monday was mondo tiring!! We had our NAPFA five items that day. The five items being
1) Standing Broad Jump
2) Sit and reach
3) Inclined Pull-ups
4) Shuttle Run
5) Sit-ups

So, basically there're only five stations and you would think that it won't be as bad as the 2.4km run, right?! Yeah, that's what I thought! But I was dead wrong. It was WAY worse than I expected it to be. I was extremely determined to get a gold this year. And not just a barely gold. I wanted to get myself at least 28 points. Okay, I admit, abit ambitious. Especially since I am doing the required As for a 16-year-old. STILL I wanted it REALLY badly. I have no idea why. I just do. I think I sort of made a wrong move by not eating lunch 'cos I was broke but what else could I have done?? I was completely broke!! So, the thingy was after school and everyone was all hyped about it. Including me. I couldn't wait to just get this thing over and done with. My first station was standing broad jump.

I have never really been very good at jumping. What with my short legs and all. Plus, I have to jump an impossible length of 186cm to clinch myself an A. Everyone was all busy practising their standing broad jump and I just stood there. I figured that if I practise too much, I'd lose my strength for the real thing, y'know. It felt like AGES before it was my turn to jump. And I did my best (even to the extend of falling at one jump) but naturally, I didn't get the 'A' I was so desiring. The worst part was that I missed it barely! I managed to jump 183cm. Grrr... Makes me mad just thinking about it!

After that, my spirits sort of waned abit. Sit and reach had been a problem for me before. But this year I got pretty flexible. You see, I've trying to achieve a side-split since term one. I haven't achieved it yet but I've certainly gotten much more flexible. I got my 'A' for that one. Managed to sit and reach for 49cm. =)

Next came inclined pull-ups. Okay, this station never proved to be a problem to me since forever. But it seems like I've been complacent. I haven't really visited the gym since the Adelaide trip and I guess it had it's consequences. I was aiming for 30 pull-ups. And I only managed 24. Which is an 'A', true... But I was quite disappointed with myself.

The worst had to be the shuttle run. I was really nervous about this station 'cos my thighs hurt like hell after standing broad jump and everything. I was worried that I couldn't perform well. Plus, this has always been my strongest station. Every year I would get 10 secs. But I began to doubt that I could achieve that time this year 'cos my thighs felt like someone was stabbing it ten times over. Also, the terrain turned out to be very slippery so, even the real fast runers couldn't clinch their usual time. I clocked the most pathetic time EVER! I was slower than slow. Slow would be an understatement at how badly I ran. Even a grandma with a bad case of osteoperosis and arthritis could have done it in HALF my time!!! I was BEYOND disappointed. I won't tell you how badly I did. But you just have to take my word for it.

Mr Yeo allowed a re-test for shuttle run. And it was on a terrain with good grip and high friction. I thought perhaps I could get my 10 secs timing. But no. I didn't. It was only a teeny-weeny bit faster than my previous time. Which meant that I can't possibly blame it on the slippery floor before. It was just me. Me being slow.

On a brighter note, I watched NACHO LIBRE on Saturday.

It was super hilarious!! I think Jack Black's genius!! I thought he was awesome in School of Rock but he's over done himself in this movie. It was really funny! Not just that, it's heart-warming as well. It's endearing AND it's funny!! GO watch it people!! GO!! You won't regret it, trust me!! =) It's MUCHO FANTASTICO. And it makes me wanna speak in weird mexican accent.

Oh, I got my ice-cream this week. Not like it's big news or whatever but ice-cream is a big deal to me! Hehe! I got a taste of Ben & Jerry's 'Fossil Fuel'.

It was SO goooooooooooooood!!! It's for those who like chocolate but who isn't too big on EVERYTHING being chocolate. This is 'cos it isn't mainly chocolate ice-cream. But it has chocolate fudge swirls and cute chocolate dinosaurs inside. Not to mention huge chocolate cookie pieces inside!! It's amazing!

Love me tender, Love me sweet, Never let me go, You have made me life complete and I love you so...

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