All I want right now

4:40 PM

So far, life has been treating me pretty well. I mean, don't get me wrong. It hasn't like WHOA!! Totally perfect, out of this world, completely awesome!! In fact, there has ben afew glitches here and there. But I chose to face these problems one at a time and to try and be positive about things. Cliche, I know! But I can't help it if it works. It really does.

Haven't been doing much of anything lately. I have a feeling though that next week will be a hectic one. On monday, we have our Higher Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension O'level Exam. Sounds like it's a big deal, huh? Well, yeah, it is. Still, there is no possible way in which I can possibly prepare myself for it. Except to maybe clean out my ears in the morning (which I usually do anyway. So, nothing special about that) and maybe to listen to more Malay programmes. That last one is kindda tough for me. Especially since I got myself Cable now. I've been watching loads of cool programmes. And most... (okay, who am I kidding?) ALL of the shows that I've been watching are all in English. Or japanese. Or korean. Or Hindi. Which is still NOT Malay. Ah, well! I guess I'll just have to wing it on Monday.

Good news, Tuesday will be a holiday!! Yay!! I love holidays!! I mean, who doesn't?! I'm not quite sure what my plans will be on this unexpected Holiday. But I'm very sure I'll get something planned 'cos I am SO not wasting a perfectly good holiday sitting at home in front of the TV, stuffing my face with junk by. I'll most definitely be going out somewhere. I have this weird urge to go to the Beach lately. In fact, I've been having tons of weird urges lately. Like cravings and stuff. Is that normal?? Something will just pop into my head and I'll be like "Hmm... I feel like eating _(insert food here)_" or "I dunno why but I wanna go and _(insert event here)_" and sometimes, "I really wanna go play _(insert sport here)_". Kindda freaky, huh?? And I haven't gone shopping for DECADES!! Partly because I'm totally and utterly broke. And partly because (brace yourselves people) I don't want to. I KNOW!!! I KNOW!! This is seriously BEYOND the definition of weird. Shopping is like a way of life to me. I live and breathe shopping!! But that was before. Now, I'm beginning to think that I'd rather watch a movie, take a walk, eat something, play a sport or even run than shop. This is majorly weird. It's okay, maybe it's just a phase due to lack of money.

Right now, all I want is...

Yup, that's it. That's all I've been craving. I mean, after eating that Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate which was SO thick and creamy that other day. I just wannna kick it to another level with this one. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie! Also known to me as Heaven in a tub. If all goes well, and my cough get better, I may persuade someone to share a tub with me. Maybe after our 2.4km run on Wednesday. It'll be great to gorge on ice-cream after almost dying on the tracks. Like a small reward. But I'll only reward myself if I get a good time. Yes, this'll motivate me! Ice-cream has this weird effect on me. It just makes me the happiest girl on Earth. But of course, that's not the ONLY thing that makes me happy. There are many things... people who make me feel happy! It's just that I happen to be really craving ice-cream these days. So, decision done! I'll be having a tub of heaven next week!! =)

Today's a special day. Today's my mom and dad's 17th wedding anniversary!! Happy anniversary mom and dad (though I seriously doubt that they visit my blog)! Still, I'll just wish them here as well as verbally later. But there's another reason why today's a special occasion.

Happy Anniversary =)

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