Running and Relaxing

6:06 PM

I've been doing tons of stuff this week. Which included watching...


This movie ROCKS!! Like seriously. I watched it with Gaya, Keetha, Diyanah, Fauzi and Halim. Gaya and Diyanah had been waiting for AGES for that movie to open. 'Cos apparently, Diyanah is in love with Johnny Depp and Gaya's in love with Orlando Bloom. And it just so happens that BOTH of them are starring in this movie so, there is plenty of eye-candy for the both of them. Personally I like Johnny Depp WAY more than Orlando. I mean, at least he's talented, y'know what I mean. I really respect him as an actor. So anyway, I really don't think I should spoil it for everyone and publish the whole plot on my blog (Plus, I'm way too lazy to do that). I'll just briefly explain the plot. Okay, turns out, William Turner and Elizabeth Swann didn't get their fairytale ending. They got arrested for helping (Captain) Jack Sparrow escape in the last movie. And the only way Will can save his poor darling Elizabeth is for him to get Captain Jack's compass. I can't tell you why the General Dude wanted it or why the compass is so special. 'Cos that'll just spoil the fun. Basically after that, Will went to look for Captain Jack and finally found him and his crew trapped in an island of cannibals. It's SO funny!! Later on, the plot moves on to Davy Jones. An evil pirate of the sea who conrols this gigantic sea monster. Not surprisingly, Captain Jack owed a debt to this dude. And the only way to settle his debt is to find 100 souls for sacrifice. Either that or to track down the Dead man's chest in which only Davy Jones had the key. Inside that chest is... AHHA!! Did you actually think I would TELL you??!! Nope, you have to watch it to find out. Oh, and there's this really sweet twist at the end. I was like SO shocked!! But I felt kindda robbed 'cos the ending was SO abrupt. I mean, for that second, I was so shocked by the twist in the story and then BAM!! The next thing I know the credits were rolling. So, I have to wait till the next movie (which means next YEAR!!) before I find out the ending. Sheesh!

Oh, another piece of info. Don't wait out for that 'short clip' at the end of the credits. That was what the newspapers said. That there's this short clip at the end of the credits. It's a trick! You'll have to sit through fifteen minutes of credits and the clip was barely 30 seconds. It's just about the dog being worshipped by the cannibals. It was SO lame! Don't even bother! Trust me!

So, I've been hanging out loads this week. I got my Haagen Dazs on Friday!! YAY!!! Movie on Thurday! And I've been doing lots of walking lately. I'm beginning to really love walking. It's really nice and slow and you get to let your mind relax and not think of anything. I love it! I like just sitting at a really comfy place and just clear my head. And it's even nicer when I have company. =) Oh, and I've been doing some running too. Yesterday was majorly random. After getting my Haagen Dazs and feeling completely and utterly happy. I realized that I'll be home SUPER early (due to the cancellation of our ATC meeting. Don't even ask me why 'cos I had NO idea). The girls were doing their Bio projects and the guys were playing soccer. I wasn't too hot about both. So, I was thinking of walking around the neighbourhood. Yes, by myself! I know it's kindda pathetic-sounding but it's really relaxing. Somehow, I didn't feel like wasting my time like that that day. I caught sight of the Yishun Stadium on the MRT and the weirdest thought popped into my head. PE was cancelled that day so, I had my PE shirt in my bag. And there was this voice in my head which said, "Why don't you give 2.4 a try??! You have nothing better to do!" And before I could say no to myself. I ran out of the train and the next thing I know, I was walking towards the Yishun Stadium. Yes, I know, I know!! I sound psychotic!! I can't believe that I actually trained 2.4km by myself and on RANDOM thought!! And seriously, what kind of a random thought is that?! But I really needed the run. I really felt like running. Like running all my troubles away. I changed into my PE attire and ran. I had my Logan to keep me company. I ran all the way. Pushing myself. Further and further. It almost hurt! But I loved it! I never thought I would say it but I really enjoyed the run. Maybe Logan helped alot. I was dancing while running some of the rounds. Some of the guys on the spectators stairs were laughing at me. I guess it's kindda funny. I was singing and dancing through some rounds but I was dying by the last. Still, I managed a pretty good time!! I was SO proud of myself!! I never thought it was possible for me!! I just wish that I could equal that time on the day itself. Which happens to be next wednesday. The thing is that I can't bring Logan along on that day. Still, maybe I can try and anjoy my run the way I did yesterday.

After my run, Halim , Taufiq and Suffian joined me at the stadium. They came over after their soccer game. They sprinted and ran some rounds but mostly they did pull-ups while I watched. I didn't even bother trying with my weight. I would probably rip all the muscles on my arm. Today was another random day of doing absolutely nothing outside.

I love these random days.

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