Germany Forever!

4:58 PM

Okay, I'm really sorry! I haven't been blogging much since ...forever and I know that I've disappointed all you avid bloggers. You see, I've been having these really bad fights with my parents lately and because of them fights, I was grounded from the computer for like AGES!!! Which is a bummer. Then the bigger bummer came...

GERMANY LOST!!! NOOO!!! The World Cup, I mean. I dunno if y'all know but I have been a Germany supporter since I knew the World Cup existed. I never really liked Brazil (except for Kaka!!) and England (Though I am absolutely in LOVE with Gerrard!! Hotness!!). But I was very sad when England lost like that. Beckham deserved better, I think. This is really something coming from a not-a-big-fan-of-Beckham girl like me. I saw his press conference when he retired from his Captain-ship. He was in tears. It was really sad. I couldn't help but feel bad for him. But OH, MY GOD!! I never expected Germany to lose. NEVER!! It was Germany ALL THE WAY!! But then... Italy... And things happened. I don't wanna say anything 'cos you can probably guess how I feel towards Italy. When I saw Ballack's crest-fallen face and tearing eye, my heart just broke. It was like the world had ended or something. But it's okay. The German flag shall fly high and proud. (It's France vs Italy. CRUSH Italy!! Go France!!)

I've been buying alot of badges lately. I have no idea why I suddenly became kindda obsessed about it. I remember Dinah MZ would buy tons and tons of badges and I couldn't really appreciate the Beauty of these badges. Yes, these badges aren't just badges. These are Works of Art!! Okay, maybe I'm placing too much hype about this but I have NO idea where this sudden obsession came from. Maybe it's 'cos I found this 'I *heart* S. H.' badge at Power 9. I was like, "Hahaha! Look! It's an I Love Sharifah Hanan badge! Who would've thought that the world loved me THAT much!". Okay, I'm joking about that last bit. But I did found a badge like that at Power 9 though I have NO idea what S.H. stands for... Besides my initials of course! Hehe!

The Malay O'Level orals are over and done with. I was dreading that day the WHOLE year! My Malay isn't exactly what you call very good. And so the verdict... It went GREAT!! Okay, not exactly like AMAZING, definite full marks kindda thing. But it definitely went better than I thought it was gonna be. I hate to admit this but it's mostly thanks to Cikgu Asnah and her 'tough-love' towards me. Make that 'more-tough-than-love'. But still, it worked!! I managed to speak without stuttering. Hardly an "erm" or an "ah"! I'm SO proud of myself. I hope I pass! =)

I've been having a really awful cough these past few weeks. It's all because of my tonsils. And I something else. But my memory's not that great. I sort of forgot what the Doc said. ANYWAY, now I can't eat my ice-cream. And I've been realy missing my ice-creams. Ice-cream is not just ice-cream to me. It's my personal anti-depressant! I practically can't live without it. It makes me happy even when I'm feeling like I'm gonna die the next day or something. It's really amazing. But I haven't been having my weekly dosage of ice-cream so, I feel SO empty inside. However, there has been something or someone who has been keeping me happy. So, no nervous-breakdowns and stuff! Plus, Gaya, Keetha and I have been going out to do MAJOR girl hang out time. Tomorrow, I'm going to Keetha's place to watch Zoolander! I've been DYING to watch that show! And today, I went to run with them. 2.4km is coming up and I'm planning to pass!!

So, things are working out okay for me. I hope they are working out well for everyone else too (Except Italy)! Cliche, I know. But I mean it.

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