The Most Rockin' Birthday EVER!!

4:52 PM

Yesterday was a TOTALLY amazing day!!! Not just because it's my sixteenth birthday (okay, well, maybe it's mainly because of that) but also because I chose to celebrate it with my friends. To tell you the truth, I was planning to skip drama rehersal and go out with my family or something like that. I thought that they would treat me to some restaurant (like they've been doing for many years). But you see, the trip to Adelaide is already burning a gigantic hole in their pockets so, they were like telling me, "Don't you expect anymore stuff coming your way for a while."

I woke up yesterday to the shock of my alarm clock ringing. And just as I was recovering from the shock of the alarm clock (It's been a while since I've heard it ring since it's the holidays and all), the phone rang and guess who it was?? PRIYANKA!!! Before I could even say hello, she was singing, "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!". I was like soooo surprised, lah! Already the day was turning out really good. Firstly, I woke up as a Sixteen-year-old Sharifah. And then Priya gave me a birthday morning call. I already had a smile on my face early in the morning, which trust me, is an extremely RARE thing. So, I got ready for Drama and met up with Taufiq. He was abit late but I didn't really mind. I was busy replying all the people who messaged me brithday greetings. He came and I was showing him afew of the mesagges. He then announced that he would message me a greeting too. I was like, "Are you serious?!" He was right beside me and he wanted to SMS me a greeting. It was kind of retarded. But nothing I haven't seen before. Y'know, I once saw a couple sitting opposite each other but amongst this pretty large group of people. And they were messaging each other eventhough they were like RIGHT in front of each other.

Drama rehersal that day was supposed to be a long one. But surprisingly it was cut short! Seriously, what are the odds of that happening!? Let me tell you, the odds are a million to one. The session was fun 'cos everyone was all hyped up about the trip. After the briefing, Mrs Kamal announced to everyone that it was my birthday and my drama peeps sang me a birthday song. There's something about birthday songs, especially when people are singing it for you, that just make you so... happy. And high!

After drama, a whole bunch of my drama pals went out (including me) to buy some stuff for the trip at Northpoint. I've never been out with such a large group of people before. There was Gaya, Keetha, Nithiya, Ashwin, Prasaanth, Suffian, Taufiq, Halim, Priya and me. We were all talking and stuff though some of them were walking behind me and talking and stuff. I didn't think much of it. I thought that maybe I was walking too fast or something. Then when we reached Northpoint, the girls suddenly disappeared. I was like, "Hey!! Where did all the girls go?!" Halim said something about the girls going to the toilet. I just nodded my head. Not suspecting a thing.

So, there I was with the guys at Burger King. Halim made this lame game about finding the Joker. We were all playing and joking around. The girls were late. After a while, there was still no sign of them. I asked the guys about the girls and Taufiq said something about the girls needing to buy something. I thought it was something from Guardian 'cos that was where we were supposed to go later on. Still I never suspected a thing.

I kept looking around for the girls. Until finally, I caught sight of them coming towards the Burger King door. I saw Gaya carrying this large object. I was thinking in my head, "Whoa! What's that thing?' Then the girls got closer and I thought, "No way... It can't be..." And before you know it, they were singing a birthday song and carrying this huge cake into Burger King. That was BEYOND shocking!! My heart was racing a mile, I felt my face burn and turn red. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! They brought in this gorgeous chocolate covered cake. I was totally lost for words. The whole Burger King could hear us. I was totally tearing up. Thank God, I could grab hold of myself. Or else I would've cried all over the cake and make it all disgusting. They were all, "Make a wish! Make a wish!" I couldn't even think straight to make a proper wish. And my hands were all shaky. Finally, I managed to cut the cake. I gave the slices out. And I ate a slice. The cake was DELICIOUS!! Really good stuff.

Turns out, they had this already planned out. The guys purposely distracted me with all those games and jokes and kept me away from the girls. Good one, guys!! I didn't suspect anything!! And then, when I thought there were no more surprises, the girls (yes, even the innocent-looking Nithiya) came over and smeared chocolate on my face. Haha! That was a birthday gag! Then, Priya fed me TONS of cake!! She took piece after piece, even when I protested and went, "This is the LAST piece" and after I ate that piece, she'll take another one and say that THAT's the last piece! Funny, lah, that girl!!

After that mini party at Burger King (which was occasionally interupted by the Burger king people scolding us for making too much noise), we went to buy the medical stuff that we have to bring to Australia. Good thing I know the pharmacies in Northpoint inside out. We got the drugs and the guys head off to Timezone. Apparently, they have a date with House of The Dead 4. It's this game where you're supposed to shoot zombies down. As much fun as that sounds, I think I'd very much rather go window shopping with Priya and Gaya. We walked around and then, I had to meet up with the guys at Timezone 'cos I sort of promised them. But when I came, there was only Suffian and Halim in complete concentration and zombie-killing mode. Suffian was asking me what took me so long. Well, maybe I took a bit too long window shopping. But who ever heard of a quick window shopper?!

We hung out for a while. We went to Popular bookstore and read up on our 'Love Horoscopes'. I usually do that with my girlfriends (like Dinah and Shahidah) but it wasn't so bad with them. In fact, it was kindda fun.

I have to thank everyone for making my sixteenth birthday so special. I'm never gonna forget this. It's been a long time since I've had such an awesome birthday. Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks to everone who wished me 'cos that meant that you remembered and really means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It's good to be alive.

Today I went to get my hair cut. Well, not exactly cut but just a change in style. My hair looks okay when it's tied up. But when I let it down. All hell breaks loose. It increases to three times it's size and it flops around. Like seaweed. Like really puffy, gunky and dead seaweed. So, I went to get things fixed. I found the MOST amazing hairdresser EVER!! I don't know her name and I sort of forgot the name of her salon but I know where it is and I know that she ROCKS!!! She's responsible for all my cool hair-dos after a trip to the hairdressers. Somehow, no matter how weird my hair is, she always manages to make it look good And no matter how weird the hair-do that she made looks, it ends up looking okay or even great! Even when i'm SO sure that that style won't work on me, when she does it, it somehow just works. It's so cool. I wanted to just trim it a little. And she did. It's still long. But it's thiner. Actually, I was really happy with the cut but my mom kept on nagging about my fringe being too long. And my hair looking dead and stuff. So, I went I told her to tell the hairdresser to do whatever you want her to do, just to keep her quiet. BAM! The next thing I know, my fringe is gone. Okay, not really like gone-gone, but it's SUPER short!! I looked at it and yelled, "Nooooooo!!" right there at the salon. I couldn't help it. I can't help being expressive. Still somehow, that woman made it look somewhat prsentable. I guess it's okay. Once it grows out, my hair'll look fabulous. But for now, hope the Aussie guys like the Do. Haha!

Okay, I've written loads, without really realizing it. I HAVE to get packing now. I've barely started and the trip it TOMORROW!!!! Plus, I have math remedial in the morning so, I won't have much time to pack the next day. Oh, the worst part is that it rained today and most of the stuff that I've washed for the trip is STILL WET!! So, there is a high chance that I may have to use my hair-dryer to speed up the drying process. Oh, nasty!

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