It's Official, People!

6:36 PM

This is IT!! This is the LAST DAY for me, being a fifteen-year-old!! I know, this is a BIG step. For tomorrow onwards, I'm an official teenager to the eyes of the world. Yes, the government will finally acknowledge the fact that I am a teenager. How, you may ask? By
1) Allowing me to go clubbing
2) Letting me watch a larger variety of movies
3) Allowing me to buy uncensored DVDs/CDs

But I have a feeling that that isn't all. I mean, now they (meaning the government/adults) naturally think that sixteen means more matured so, they'll allow me to do stuff that I (as a fifteen-year-old) can't do. Sixteen isn't just a year of oppurtunities. It's a year of adventures and experiments. YES!! This is my year!! This is my time. My Time. Mine.

Okay, forget about those last lines. It's one of the lines from our play. And I've been running the play through my head these past few days. I've been thinking about it for a while. Okay, maybe MORE than a while. I can't HELP it!! Everyone knows that I'm very serious about drama. And I hate giving lousy work. Plus we're bringing this play offshore!! To a different country. This play HAS to be good. It HAS to be. I don't want ATC to make a fool of ourselves in Australia. My part's really... as I've probably mentioned, excruciating. Not that I'm complaining about my role or anything. No, nothing like that. I don't really mind my role. 'Cos I have quite a chunk to say. But it's the others, y'know. They aren't really making things easy for me. You see, I'm supposed to play this girl having a major crush on this dude. But then turns out, the dude was making sick jokes about the girl. And the girl (that's me, by the way) finds out about them sick jokes and got super pissed. There's this whole confrontation thing and so, the girl goes like, "Whatever" and like leaves the dude. But the dude doesn't really want the girl to go or something like that. And I end with a super SWEET line. You see, the dude goes like, "Hey, guys! I wanna tell y'all something about that LOSER!!". So I end my scene with, "Now look who's the loser". It's like so... delicious. The line, I mean. If delivered correctly, it can really make an impact. And I'm still searching for that impact. I haven't gotten it yet. But no worries. I'm working on it.

Speaking of Australia. It's winter there so, I've gone shopping with my mom and gotten all the snow-stuff to keep me warm. And I have a feeling that I'll need every single thing I bought. The thing about me is that I can't really stand the cold much. Ya, I know that I have all that rolls of fats and junk. But surprisingly it doesn't really help me much. I lose heat like SUPER fast. In fact, I tend to radiate heat. Which I doubt is healthy or natural but I can't help it. My mom bought me this wind-breaker. But turns out, the teachers said that I'll freeze to death if I'm only wearing a windbreaker, even if I'm layering with sweaters and stuff. They said that I'll be needing those thick coats. I'm like, "Whaaaatt!". Have you ANY idea how much those 'thick coats' cost?! Let me tell you, it ain't cheap. In fact, it costs a BOMB!! Hopefully, one of the drama teachers would lend me one of their coats or something. 'Cos buying another coat is out of the question. I LOVE the sweaters I bought. After much persuasions, I managed to get my mom to buy me two. Hehe! Both are turtle necks. Hopefully I won't need to wear my scarf. Which isn't REALLY a winter scarf but whatever. The only thing I'm worried of other than
1) Freezing to death
2) Not having enough cash with me to SHOP
3) Screwing up the play
4) Them Aussies not liking our play
5) Having bad hair days/ bad face days around hot Aussie hunks
6) Not bringing enough underwear
7) Not bringing enough clothes/shoes
8) Falling sick and not being able to have fun
9) Barfing on the plane
10) Barfing on the ferry
11) Plane crashing (Touchwood)
12) Ferry sinking (Double touchwood! I can't swim. Well, not like I can fly either)
13) Getting lost
14) Getting an ungracious host
15) Embarassing situations

Well, other than those things I've listed, the only other thing that I'm worried about are the KOALAS. Oh, don't be deceived by those cute furballs. I have a feeling that those blood-sucking koalas would jump on my face and scratch me to death with their sharp claws. They'll just jump down from their bamboo homes and grab your face, clawing and everything. Don't BE DECEIVED!! They are EVIL!!!

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