The 5-Minute Entry

9:50 PM

Right, this entry will only take about five minutes or so. I'm only online to check my mail and change my playlist for Logan so, I'm not supposed to be blogging. Still, I just thought I should put in a few words.

Okay, here's the thing. I found out that my wishlist is sort of useless 'cos I realized that I don't really want most of the stuff on the list. I know, weird right?! But I've been thinking and I realized that most of the stuff on that list are not buyable. Here's the improved list.
My (Improved) Wishlist
1. A New Slingbag (This is a necessity)
2. Socks (I've been a sucker for socks lately. Must be a phase)
3. A Watch
4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers' New Album: Stadium Arcadium
5. Earpiece for Logan (VERY impt stuff)
6. Tennis Balls
7. And erm... Stuff that you think I like??

Actually, I don't really mind much about gifts and stuff. 'Cos more importantly, I'm turning SIXTEEN!!!! In just FIVE DAYS!!!! Oh, MY GOD!!! I'm soooo excited! I'm delirious. Loads of things have been happening. I'll list them down and tell y'all the details later on when I have more time.

1) Watched X-Men with Salmah, Taufiq and Halim. The movie rocked my socks!!

2) The play's finally taking shape and I got a small role. And it's sort of an excruciating one. I'm supposed to be a girl in love and stuff. I have to be shy and 'shy' isn't really in my vocabulary. And I have NO idea how to act it out.

3) Went to the bank today. I'm NEVER going back there again. Tell you more later. Lets just say that I've never realy been a patient person but I was placed in a worst case scenario.

4) I've been having a fetish for socks and ice-cream. Yes, I am aware of weird that sounded but it's strangely true.

5) Bought my winter stuff. Got my gloves and wind-breaker. They aren't the ones that I wanted. Not the gorgeous ones that I saw but they are usable. And that's the most important factor. Their use-factor and not their style-factor. (Says my mom. Obviously I don't agree but our budget's abit tight so... ya)

Okay, okay, more later. Running short of time. I'm SUPER high and excited. Bye, y'all!!

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