Holidays or Home School??

6:47 PM

Looks like I've made it! I've made it through the first semester of 2006. Barely though. Still, I thought this day would never come. The days were practically inching away. Naturally, the holidays aren't really holidays. Hey, we're talking about Singapore here! The schools never let us off with a light workload. Even if we have remedials and extra lessons and CCAs during the holidays, that's NO reason for them to cut us some slack. Noooo. Not here! Not where academic results are top priority for all students. Sheesh! As you probably have guessed, I have tons of holiday homework. Which I seriously doubt I can finish in time. I mean, I can't POSSIBLY bring my HOMEWORK to Australia! That's just PSYCHO!! These are the holidays!! HOLIDAYS are supposed to be holidays. But with the amount of work I have, it's more like Home School than a break at home.

Anyway, first and for most, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DINAH MZ!!! My best friend EVER!! Also a happy birthday shout-out to SHAMINI (My spastic little Tanggachi!) and Jaswin Kaur (You Malay expert! Plus, I'm sooo jealous of your 'Germany' pencil case and bag! Haha!). Usually I would write a birthday message for Dinah. But I've already written her this letter which pretty much covers lots of what I want to say to her so, putting it here would just be a repetition. Also, there are some things there which are unmentionables here. So... I'll just move on from here.

Yesterday was the dreaded Parents' Meeting Session. Eeew, lah! I hate those days. The teachers always say the same things about me every year. Only this year would be worse off than others 'cos Ms Leow is giving my report book personally to my mom. It totally ruined my plans of giving it to her AFTER the Australia trip. But looks like I just have to be brave and face the music. Which turned out to be pretty loud. Obviously, it didn't go too well. Plus, I had to wait for my mom for AGES. Thank god for Suffian who kept me company. And Gaya too. We were all depressed and the weather was pretty gloomy so, we did loads of stupid things like singing made-up songs with made-up lyrics. It was kind of fun. We were all drunk with depression. Gaya and I were commenting on people's clothes (As usual) and Suffian joined in. Haha! I pretended that my Brad (my tennis racket) was a guitar and we sang about all sorts of things. I think we can make a smashing band!

The highlight of yesterday was TENNIS!!! It has been LIGHTYEARS since I've played tennis. Months! I never found the time, what with school, remedials and drama. Brad was sitting at a corner in my room, gathering dust. Finally, Jen messaged me the night before to invite me for tennis and obviously, my answer would be a YES and forever will be a YES!! The only thing I was worried about was that I would make a fool of myself on the court 'cos I've practically forgotten how to play. We booked court 9 (my fave of the courts 'cos it's sucluded so, there's a lesser chance of people catching sight of my horrible tennis playing. Plus, it's shaded). Jen and Priya played first while I tried to get my groove back. Those two are like total PROS!! I fel sort of bellitled by them. Priya's shots are SUPER powerful and steady. I'm scared to receive it! But of course, Jenny can! Jen's shots are always just above the net and really low. And Priya would pick it up with a powershot. I joined in and tried to get the hang of things. And then, I sort of got obsessed with my serve. You see, I sort of forgot how to serve. Just like how I forgot my forehand and backhand. So while Jen and Priya had a rally. I was picking up balls and serving to my heart's content. Then, I tried playing with them. Of course, I sucked. I hit like super high balls which was a bit of an inconvenience for Jen. I have to practise more. I'm gonna try and do that during the holidays. Y'know in between Marryatvile, drama, remedials and homework.

Oh, and thanks for that awesome surprise call, Ivan and Kat. I was zonking out when my phone rang and it was none other than darling Ivan! Too bad my prepaid card went from 50 cents to nil though. And after that, my mom was angry with my results so I couldn't call back. Sorry, guys!! Gosh, I've missed them!

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