A Blur of Events

4:52 PM

Whoa, whoa! It's just event after event this week. And I am exhausted to the bone. I spent the whole day today sleeping my day away, except for ... now and later one when I have to do my 'keratan akhbar' for Cikgu Asnah. But take my word for it when I say that I've been sleeping the whole day away. I've just been SOOO tired lately. I need to recharge myself for the week ahead which I have a bad feeling will be just as exhausting or worse. I'm feeling abit worried too 'cos my parents are gonna be called for 'parents' meeting session' since my L1R5 is like CRAP. Not just that, we actually have a math TEST on the last week of school!! How completely outrageous is that?! Here I was, thinking that I can elax and focus on my drama, and then BAM!! More tests. Sheesh!! Ridiculous, I tell you! Plus, it's on Quadratic Expressions and Equations, which really isn't one of my better topics. Oh, and we'll be leaving for Adelaide in around three week's time. I am SUPER excited but I am worried sick. We don't even have a proper script yet. No casting done. No blocking. No nothing. I am FREAKING OUT!!! I just keep saying to myself, "Don't worry. We'll make it. We're talking about ATC here! Of course, we'll make it." I just hope it's true and I'm not in denial or something.

On Wednesday was the long-awaited Choir Concert. The concert was totally fabulous. It was watching some world-class performance made by some world-class choir. Anderson Choir Rocks!! And I am NOT just saying this 'cos I have tons of friends, not to mention my best friend, in choir. Seriously, it was awesome. I knew most of the songs they were singing since I sit beside Shamini in class and she sings like 24 hours a day, all day. So, I knew most of the songs they were singing. But I have to say that my favourites were
1) Veniki - I am so impressed that they actually managed to sing this song. It was a total tongue-twister in a foreign language. To think that it's about BROOMS!! Haha!

2) Oh, how full, how full's my Basket - This is a really beautiful Russian song. When I first heard it, I thought it was some war song. Like I had this whole vision of some war survivor walking through a battle field with dead bodies and fire everywhere. It so sad and haunting.

3) Shima E - This is a Japanese song about two lovers that never meet. It's soooo sad and heart
wrenching. I love it. Sort of reminds me of the songs I hear when I just finished watching a Japanese Anime and the credits are rolling. It's that type of song. Only better, 'cos Anderson Choir's singing it.

4) Sik Sik Si Batu Manikam - I know it sounds like a tamil song or something of that sort. But it isn't. Actually, I have no idea what lauguage it is but it sounds nice. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really looking forward to this song. Just like I wasn't looking forward to Spongebob Squarepants and Candle on the Water. I heard Shamini sing the song and it didn't sound very nice. Turns out, it sounds SO much better when the WHOLE choir sings it. I was SO impressed. What with Dinah's solo and all. I was like whoa!!

5) Pasigin - This is such a nice song to listen to. Really easy on the ears. And the melody's really catchy. I heard that it's some philipines song.

6) JANGER - This is by far, my most favourite song that choir sang. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. It sounds kind of farmiliar since it's a Balinese song and all. It was fast and slow and nice and everything, all at the same time.

Right, the concert was fab but drama that day was horrible. It was chaos. We were in one big group with NO teachers so, everytime anyone of us try and give some sort of instruction or idea, there is ALWAYS someone who's talking and not listening. It sort of zapped the energy out of me for the rest of the night. Plus, we ended late and left late so, we were late for the concert and missed the first two songs. Poor Keetha was even running in heels. I was so glad that I chose to wear jeans and shoes. I couldn't eat any dinner since we had to rush. And I thought that we could all go out or something but it never really happened. Which was a real bummer. And I thought I could skip school tomorow since I was soooo tired by the time I reached home, but my mom, who usually would say yes to that, didn't allow me to. So, I had to go to school the next day.

Sports Carnival's next on my list to talk about, though, my time is running out. I have around less than 15 minutes to finish up my blog before my sis uses the com so, please forgive me for any typos along the way. I was glad that school ended earlier for sports Carnival. And I was also very glad that it was being held at the Yishun Stadium which is SO close to my house. Hehe! But I was feeling super restless. The songs they were playing were crap songs which I can't dance to. And I had nothing to do for four hours. Dinah MZ and Shahidah were totally stoning and I tried talking to them, but they were doing some MAJOR stoning, so I didn;'t really get much a response. It was only until I managed to get them to walk around that they looked a little more alive. They were most 'alive' when the department race was going on. Of course, they were rooting for Mr Lim. They were all, "Woooohoooo, Go Mr LIM!!" and I was rooting for both the Math and science department. Though I hate the subjects they teach, I like the teachers. I was rooting mainly for Ms Leow and Mr Leow. WHOA!! Mr Leow ran like... WHOA!!! He was the first runner and he totally trashed all the teachers there. He was like second last and he passed the baton first. I never knew he had it in him. He looked like the science geek type. Who would've guessed that he was a jock in disguise?!

Needless to say, 3/5 won loads of races. After all, they have the winning combination of Halim, Suffian, Fauzi and Jonathan. Also, Jeremy Seet. Not surprised that they won. Fauzi totally impressed me. I never expected him to be so FAST!! He was the second runner and he caught up to everyone and passed the baton first. It was amazing!! I was like, who is that blurred yellow flash over there?! It never crossed my mind that it was Fauzi. Anyway, 3/6 won Tug-of-War. We have strong boys and girls. I wasn't really surprised. I was expecting it. Haha!! Bummer that I wasn't part of it! Next year, definitely next year!

We had drama on Saturday. It was okay. I thought we did pretty well. Then, after that, Halim, Taufiq, Suffian and I went to Jen' place and played a little pool. Thanks SO much, Jenny!! I had the best time!! It was a rough week and that really picked up my mood. Though, I was a bit sad that I couldn't play well and the guys didn't help by rubbing it in. Still, it was one of my better days and I love Jen's Place. It's the best.

I can't seem to put this up anywhere so, I'll just post it. My wishlist, I mean. It might come in useful to people. *ehem, ehem*
My Wishlist
1. DKNY Be Delicious Scent
2. A new Sling Bag (my other one is totally ripped. I needed SAFETY-PINS to hold it up!)
3. An Earpiece for Logan (Y'all know what happend to mine)
4. Baz Lurhmann's Triple DVD set (I saw it on offer. It was totally fab!)
5. Sports Shoes (My current one is non-useable)
6. Sports Apparel (Reebok Rules!!)
7. Gloves (For Adelaide. To keep my hands nice and toasty)
8. THAT black jacket I saw
9. Clothes (Neeeeeed those. Esprit!!)
10. Mango Boots (I'll probably never get this but what the heck. It IS a wishlist. Not a shopping list)
11. Movie posters and stuff
12. Romance Novel

I just realized that the list is shorter than I thought it was gonna be. Unlike Dinah MZ's. Haha! Kidding! Kidding!! Hopefully next week will be better. Sharifah OUT!!

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