Things Just Get Worse... WHY?!!

8:33 PM

Yesterday was SUPPOSED to be the day that I have been awaiting for the past... oh, say, week or so. Throughout the whole week, I've been thinking, "Just think of Wednesday. Wednesday's coming!!" and it kept me going. It had been a VERY bad two weeks for me and ALL I could think about was going out with my friends and enjoying the Choir Concert. I thought we would all go together and have the time of our lives but... It never really happened (more on that later, I have about twenty minutes to do this entry). I have disappointed SO many times these past few days, I'm surprised I can even smile. Drama was disappointing. The farewell party was disappointing. My STINKIN' results are MAJORLY disappointing. To list them out would be neverending. And not to mention, too depressing. But I think I will not be able to recover from the UNBEARABLE disappointment I've just experienced.


I just DON'T understand how this can happen. It is beyond obvious that he is by far, THE BEST singer EVER in American Idol. You can never believe how unbelievably, heart-wrenchingly sad and SHOCKED I was when I first got to hear the news. I refused to believe it. I was thinking, "No! No! No!! Elliott is gonna WIN this. He CAN'T GO!!" And I was in major denial. I just... I just... Don't want him to go.

I know many of you think that I'm being all drama-mama and totally over-reacting. But American Idol is not just a TV show to me. It's almost like a part of my life. And I hate it when someone undeserving wins. It sort of feels like my soul's shivelling up and dying. THAT was the EXACT feeling I had when I saw Elliott Yamin's name on that giant screen which announced the contestant's who was going off. I almost couldn't read or recognise his name. I was too busy envisioning Katharine's name on that cursed screen. And that WOMAN!!! She had the cheek to smile and jump around happily because apparently, she was overjoyed that Elliott's leaving and she's moving on to the Kodak theater. The Kodak theater would be tainted forever with the footprints of that scarlet woman.

Why am I so worked up, you may ask? Well, I know it sounds all cliche but Elliott really touched me. As in REALLY! I am not just saying this to complement him. I melted at the sound of his voice and practically cried a river when I listened to his rendition of 'A Song For You' by Donnie Hathaway. Plus, he's SO amazingly devoted to his mother. And did y'all know that he's the kind of child who's weak and puny. He always got sick 'cos he had an extremely week immune system. He had ALL sorts of diseases including asthma. Which really makes you marvel at how he holds those notes he belts out. The point is, he DESERVES to be the next American Idol. Not because he was a sick child. Not because he's getting more and more handsome. But because he has an astounding amount of talent. More than I have ever seen in any other contestants. And he truly, truly deserves to be the next American Idol. Not booted-out by a stuck-up gorgeous gal and a twitching handsome-ish fat guy.

I don't think I'll be watching the finals. 'Cos I don't really have a reason to watch now, do I?

Here's a tribute to Elliott Yamin.

Needless to say, Elliott's amazing. I'd like to thank him for sharing his talent with us. He totally inspired me to sing.


You are MY Idol.

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