Sleeping Non-Beauty

6:00 PM

I am glad to announce that I've just had around twelve hours or sleep and I feel MUCH better! Haha! It's amazing what a little (or should I say a lot) sleep can do. It works wonders. I was watching 'My Name Is Earl' last night. I HIGHLY recommend that show. To everyone! It may be a bit weird at first 'cos the lead actor's not exactly the definition of 'Hot' but it's waaay funny. The story's about this guy named Earl (Duh!) and karma. I sort of believe in karma. I don't know if I'm supposed to believe in it but I just sort of do. It makes sense. What goes around, comes around. What you do to someone will almost indefinitely come back to bite you in the ass. So, this Earl guy with the receeding hairline, makes a list of all the bad things he has done in his life and decides to make up for every single one. It got me thinking... Maybe I should do something of that sort myself, y'know?! It doesn't hurt to have good karma. Alrighty then, I'm gonna list a few of the bad things I may have done so, I'll be trying to make up for them.

List of No-Good Deeds
1. Lied about my whereabouts to my mom once... or twice. So, from now on, I'll try and tell her EXACTLY where I am at all times. How's that, huh?

2. Ate a WHOLE tub of Chocolate ice-cream without sharing it with my sister like I was supposed to. Resolution?? Hmm... I'll buy my sis a Cornetto or something. And I promise not to take a single bite. Well... maybe ONE teeny-weeny nibble?? No harm, right? ;)

3. Laughed at some fat dude when he tripped and fall. I dunno how to make up for this EVIL deed. Maybe I'll stop myself from laughing altogether?

4. Littered. I KNOW!! The SHAME!! This is like a criminal offence or something. It was some wrapper. But the situation was really bad! There was NO trash bin in sight for miles! Okay, maybe it was around a few metres but hey! Cut me some slack! I was tired, okay! Resolution would be for me to pick up litter for one week and NOT throw anymore litter.

5. Spied on a couple snogging during a movie. I dunno if this is a sin or something. 'Cos they were all over each other and they were beside me so, I couldn't HELP it, right?! Resolution... To close my eyes whenever I see something that's supposed to be a private moement shared between two couples in some form of love or other.

That's just five but I'm running out of time. I'll clear this list first before starting another one.

Eeew! School tomorrow! Oh, and it turns out, if you've read my tag board, my earpiece wasn't stolen but in fact, RIPPED in TWO due to my utter carelessness and stupidity. Y'know, I amaze even myself sometimes!

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